The following chapter shows an overview about firewall settings and hardware specifications of the used machines.

Network layers and routing

The diagram describes network traffic outside the network layers used by the distributed software architecture across the central components and site components.

Network Traffic

Appropriate routing needs to be setup prior to deployment, according the companies IT processes.

Operating Systems

All servers use windows server operating systems. The recommendation is to use Windows Server 2019 (with GUI), with latest available patch status.

Disk provision

The following disks should exist on the machine, with respective standard folders:

Disk letter Function Folders


operating system, standard software


data and application drive

D:\AspenTech\inmation.root (s:i application files)

D:\install (directory for installation deliverables)

D:\backup (directory for backup data)

The D partition on all MongoDB servers needs to be formatted with allocation size 64K, instead of the default 4096B. This optimizes NTFS operations for large files. See Microsoft recommendation.

Installation Prequisites

The following prerequisites need to be fullfilled, before the installation of software can start.

Prequisite Description

administrative access

user executing installation needs to have administrative access to machine


all deliverables need to be copied to D:\install


external firewall rules need to be setup prior to installation