System-Administrators Profile

# Procedure Expected Result


In DataStudio, connect to the Site Core using a System-Administrators profile.

Check the access to the model panels.

IO Model Access
KPI Model Access
Access Model Access
Server Model Access
ISA-95 Model Access

Access to all 5 model panels is enabled:

  • I/O Model

  • KPI Model

  • Access Model

  • Server Model

  • ISA-95 Model


In the I/O model, select objects at various levels.

Check the object properties panel.

Object properties

The user has access to all I/O objects and their properties.


View the audit trail.

Object properties - Audit Trail

The user can view the audit trail without an access permission error.


Repeat the previous two steps with the KPI, ISA-95, Server, and Access Models.

The user has access to all objects and their properties.


Write a value to an I/O Action Item.

Write successful

"Write operation successful" is shown, and the value is written successfully, without an access permission error.


Create a new security profile in the Access Model.

Create Profile

The profile is created successfully.


Delete the profile that was created in the previous step.

The profile is deleted successfully.