SITE-Administrators Profile

# Procedure Expected Result


In DataStudio, connect to the Site Core using a SITE-Administrators profile.

Check the access to the AspenTech Inmation model panels.

IO Model Access
KPI Model Access
ISA-95 Model Access
Server Model Access
Access Model Access

Access to the following model panels is enabled:

  • I/O Model

  • KPI Model

  • ISA-95 Model

The following model panels should be empty:

  • Server Model

  • Access Model


In the I/O model, select the SITE core object.

Check the object properties panel.

SITE object properties

Do the same with the SITE core subtree objects.

The user has access to the SITE core and its subtree object properties.


Go higher in the hierarchy and select the Core then System Objects.

Check the object properties panel.

System Object Access Denied
Core Object Access Denied

"Access is denied" when the Object Properties panel is viewed.


Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the KPI and ISA-95 Models.

GXPC KPI Object Access Denied
SITE KPI object access allowed
GXPC ISA Object Access Denied
SITE ISA Object Access Allowed

You can see the SITE and subtree object properties. However, "Access is Denied" for higher Objects in the hierarchy.


In the I/O model, go to the Connector and the Core Logic object underneath the local core. Double-click a faceplate. You should able to write values.

Write Values Access Allowed

There is no "Access is denied" message displayed.


Go to the Connector Object below the Site core. You should be able to enable/disable data sources.

Enable Disable Data Source

Data sources are Enabled/Disabled without any user right permission issue.


Open another instance of DataStudio and connect to the Master core.

The connection is successful.


Select an object under the Site Core, and view the audit trail.

Object properties - Audit Trail
It is not possible to test for access to the audit trail by connecting to the Site Core. Use the Master Core instead.

The user can view the audit trail without an access permission error.