The backup process here is mainly for reference, since it is normally the responsibility of the relevant client IT department to ensure that appropriate backups are created, implemented, maintained, and managed using the relevant client procedures and processes.

However, it is important to note the specific backups required for the AspenTech Inmation and associated MongoDB databases so that:

  1. The correct files and/or folders are included in the backup sets.

  2. Fallback methods configured within the AspenTech Inmation delivery can be identified for further recovery as needed.

System Backup

The primary means of recovery, wherever possible, is to use a full system backup of the server (“snapshot” or equivalent, herein referred to as a snapshot) so that the machine can be restored to a working state when the snapshot was taken. As a fallback, this snapshot should also provide a means for file recovery, in case the working snapshot cannot be restored but the files therein are still available.

These snapshots will be stored at regular intervals and will be recoverable within a specific time frame to minimize downtime. This will be defined within the client’s relevant IT procedures that cover this operation.

There should be a minimum window of available snapshots over a period of time. However, it is expected that most snapshots would require recovery to last known good operation.

See Server Infrastructure Backup for details specific to this implementation.

AspenTech Inmation Configuration Backup

MongoDB Backup