Release Notes for system:inmation 1.24

1.24.4 - July 26, 2017

Fixed and Improved in 1.24.4

  • Fixing the delete logic in the Connector where a couple of maps could potentially grow unbounded on repeatedUA delete/browse. Potential for memory usage increases in Connector when deleting UA Datasource objects and rebrowsing repeatedly (TFS ID 3766).

  • Fix time series merge code (eliminate leaks on exceptions and duplicate data).

  • Get the existing static model instead of creating a new one.

  • Fix time series query result handling (eliminates more leaks).

  • Make sub-object de-selection safer, by keeping previously selected object and re-using it later.

1.24.3 - July 16, 2017

Fixed and Improved in 1.24.3

  • Fix potential vqt write leak in case of unknown write_fetch modes.

  • Rectify leaky exception/signature/save.

  • Track CObject and CProperty allocations.

  • Delete object for actively connecting component in case of errors.

  • Final delete objects in case of final construct errors.

1.24.2 - July 13, 2017

Fixed and Improved in 1.24.2

  • Add new properties to SQL Catalog after the objects are constructed. Prevents unresolved object ids being returned in query results and properties not being purged from catalog (TFS ID 3760)

  • Fix anonymous namespace issue (to aid debugging).

  • Implement time series verbose statistics.

1.24.1 - July 05, 2017

Fixed in 1.24.1

Fix continuation point empty check; simplify ua reference browsing; fix max read nodes computation

Max browse continuation points mismatch with some UA servers fixed (TFS ID 3581)

Fix uninitialized qualified name UA structure, leading to heap corruption

Fixes problem where multiple simultaneuous connections to a UA Endpoint could cause UA interface to crash (TFS ID 3738)

Fix of a couple of signed/unsigned mismatches in 32 bit builds.
Lock runtime when assigning a new reconnect thread for OPC server to core connections.

Fixed problem with occasional OPC UA interface crashes (TFS ID 3738)

Exposing some SQLCatalog diagnostics via a Lua API.
Storing non-string array properties in SQL Catalog.

Previously, non-string array properties couldn’t be accessed via SQLCatalog (TFS ID 3739)

Support nullable array properties in SQL Catalog.

Previously, SQL Catalog did not support nullable array properties (TFS ID 3739)

Fixed new thread creation for StatelessInterface keep alive thread.
Simplifying the SQL Catalog implementation.
Use separate condition variables for reader and drainer in SQL Catalog.
Explicitly delete new objects that could not be commited via Lua.

Creating objects in Lua without specifying mandatory properties could trigger leaking of memory for that object (TFS ID 3758)

Rewrite the SQL Catalog implementation to optimize it further and add a few more status counters.
Use a named namespace instead of an anonymous one.
We now drop the namespace changes waiting to be sent to mongo if there are more than a million changes in the queue.
Reset the buffer before using it every time in NamespaceStore.

See std::forward_list, this eliminates std::list’s obscure "head" node allocation, and avoids a possible compler bug where the node is leaked (uncomfirmed).

1.24.0 - June 16, 2017

New in 1.24

TCP Stream data source

Datasource objects can now have the Server type TCP Stream. This functionality allows you to connect to a TCP port and stream data when the hostname and port are provided. The received data is processed via a user-supplied Lua script embedded in the Datasource (TFS ID 2319).

Improvements in 1.24

  • Improvements to API and Visual KPI communication. Please use Visual KPI Server Manager v5.41.3.275 with system:inmation v1.24.1 and above.

  • Numerous improvements and bug fixes.