Release Notes for system:inmation 1.26

1.26.7 - September 26, 2017

Important Note when updating to 1.26.7

system:inmation 1.26.7 is now signed with a new code-signing certificate

This affects the automatic update of DataStudio, requiring a manual validation of the new code-signing certificate. Please visit here for more information.

Fixed in 1.26.7

Rectify object locking

Fixes potential unnecessary locking of objects during some operations (checking object existence, fetching certain properties).

Update certhash to match the build certificate
Update digital signature timestamping and verification code to use Comodo’s certificate authentication
Increase parallelism in SQL catalog

Improvements in scaling of cv waits and notifications to number of threads involved.

1.26.4 - September 10, 2017

Fixed in 1.26.4

Fix empty tracking context modifier and missing SCI call user context

Objects created by script could have empty 'created' and 'modified' date fields. TFS #3897

Disconnect data sources on shutdown (e.g. remove OPC groups, etc.)

Prevents improper shutdown of OPC servers after Connector disconnection TFS #3950

Safe-guard against same OPC group names between service restarts
Leak the MongoDB connection pool on shutdown

So concurrent operations during shutdown (e.g. incoming network requests for historical data) can still rely on MongoDB functionality.

Fix time series query frame calculation (remove an old historian artefact)

Potential for history queries made using Lua to retrieve entire history regardless of time boundries. Could lead to performance issues. TFS #3957

Fix memory leak in time series query code

Clean up of map structures in the rolling history mode in DataStudio. TFS #3962

Confine the shutdown timeout to IO facility only
Fix potential loss of data in time series production store

Purge of time series production store data of objects not yet loaded in I/O model could lead to data loss after Core restart. TFS #3963

1.26.2 - September 01, 2017

Fixed in 1.26.2

  • Fix data de-duplication in time series queries

  • Track allocations of bson objects like vqtwrite

  • TimePicker: relative time by window click is now correct

  • TimePicker - Select interval fix

  • TimePicker - Cancel button fixed

  • Fix a deactivation race condition in datagen

  • Increase max number of tracked objects, to handle the bson object tracking

  • Fix a potential memory corruption in path to id map

1.26.1 - August 23, 2017

Fixed and Improved in 1.26.1

  • Fix leakage of path pseudo-property in SQL catalog

  • Fix a potential leak in object persistency

  • Fix locking in tree serialization

  • Fix crash due to a race between object deletion and VQT write

1.26.0 - August 17, 2017

New in 1.26

  • Extended object information for SCI clients

  • Mass configuration in Lua API

  • sethistoryex in Lua API to write into OPC HDA sources

  • Historical event query interface in Lua and SCI API

  • Tracing framework for SCI traffic

  • Tracking framework for server activity