Release Notes for system:inmation 1.28

1.28.9 - November 28, 2017

Fixed in 1.28.9

Issue with inmation.currenttimezone() function fixed

The inmation Lua function currenttimezone would return the wrong data in certain circumstances. (TFS ID 3408)

Event streams made functional in the Core context. Optimization of A&E metadata

Fixes an issue which could affect Core performance. (TFS ID 4472)

Error code now returned if UA history read fails.

(TFS ID 4361)

Fixed an error in logic in UA History Read when working with nodes only subset of which have continuation points.

Issue could cause Server component to crash when large data requests are made. (TFS ID 4474)

UA Write service now supported for dynamic properties of objects in system:inmation

The inmation Server component now supports writes from UA clients to the dynamic properties of objects in system:inmation. (User Story 4458)

Performance issues with OPC UA reads.

Issue where reads on mulitiple items using a UA Session.Read request could significantly slow down. (TFS ID 4485)

Preserve the object creation information on image loading.

Fixed an issue where the creation information for an object could be changed after software updates. (TFS ID 4457)

1.28.6 - November 14, 2017

Important note when updating to 1.28 from 1.26.6 or earlier

system:inmation 1.28 is signed with a new code-signing certificate (introduced in 1.26.7)

This affects the automatic update of DataStudio, requiring a manual validation of the new code-signing certificate. Please visit here for more information.

Fixed and improved in 1.28.6

Allow only decimal and hexadecimal numbers as integer values in dropzone.

Issue where values with leading zeros would be treated as Octal numbers. (TFS ID 4358)

Fixed a potential race condition in object creation.

(TFS ID 4392)

New documentation PDF with explanation added.

Changed PDF documentation files for DataStudio/Setup. DataStudio PDF harvesting fixed in setup. Documentation build process and robotic_doc target usage removed. New documenation added to local build script in setup.

Release previous element in case of move assignment of a dhandler

Fixed issue where memory could increase if object properties were changed quickly (TFS ID 4397)

Fixed lifetime management of COM client async sink/callback interfaces

Issue where remote OPC A&E connection failures could lead to Connector component crashes when under memory stress (TFS ID 4410)

Size of updates for keepalive responses limited to 1MB with DataStudio

Issue where DataStudio would disconnect from the Core after heavy property update requests. (TFS ID 4409)

Fixed JSON parsing issue in DataStudio

Issue where the parsing of JSON strings could take a long time causing timeouts. (TFS ID 4327)

Skip numid of deleted objects when creating and returning search results

Fixed issue where searching for recently deleted items could manifest difficulties for the Core (TFS ID 4394)

NJsonSchema updated to 9.6.5 and other unneeded libraries removed

Exception with NJsonSchema.dll seen when using inmationApi 1.28 (TFS ID 4417)

Suppression of error return when persisting to a detached image

Issue during shutdown where error could be thrown when trying to persist updates to the detached image. (TFS ID 4400)

Removed special disconnect logic from watchdog for Core-Connector TCP connections

Fixed potential Core crash issue under certain retstart conditions. (TFS ID 4390)

Object locks and prop read/writes tracked in a more light weight fashion

Fixed enum code translation in protocol cmd tracking and reduced the tracking runtime overhead. (TFS ID 4435)

Testing: updated IP of inRPI UA Server to hostname.
Exception handing added for false UTF-8 code

(TFS ID 4446)

1.28.4 - October 25, 2017

Improvements in 1.28.4

Fixed Performance drop due to LuaSense loading

(TFS ID 4393)

Added context menu items for Luasense

(TFS ID 4393)

Fixed issue of slow workspace loading with large tree

(TFS ID 4393)

1.28.3 - October 23, 2017

Improvements in 1.28.3

Infinitely growing log file issue fixed

Log file size is now managed with archiving of older log files (TFS ID 4367)

History query issue via Lua on objects with non-dynamic properties fixed

(TFS ID 4372)

Certificate issue with DataStudio update fixed

Upgrade from older versions caused certificate validation error (TFS ID 4376)

Lua path-table issue when addressing sub-objects

Sub-objects kept in server maps again (TFS ID 4382)

Fixed Lua History Query issue with GenericItems that have changed generation type

(TFS ID 4384)

Fixed issue with deleting objects with running buffers attached

(TFS ID 4386)

1.28.2 - October 18, 2017

Fixed in 1.28.2

Fixed icon issue in HistoryGrid and PicklistControl

(TFS ID 4333)

Browse threads (COM connections) are now notified when the browse connection goes down

For example, in case of a connect error. (TFS ID 3997)

Fixed notification data cloning in UA server

(TFS ID 4344)

Fixed memory leaks in UA Server

(TFS ID 4344)

Saving workspace in DataStudio will now save the port number

(TFS ID 4347)

Server performance and Demo workspace: load core if not loaded

(TFS ID 4343)

Fix performance degredation

Encountered when creating large amounts of buffered data with the Lua inmation.buffer functionality. (TFS ID 4349)

Archived Performance Counter scripts now accessed by objectID

Now independent of namechanges in the I/O model tree. (TFS ID 4353)

Fixed issue with automatic detection of data types in Dropzone

(TFS ID 4355)

1.28.0 - October 06, 2017

New in 1.28

Variable Class

The variable object is a lightweight alternative to the DataHolder object. It can be used to hold data and data can be written to it like any other I/O model object. It’s advantage is its limited property set. This saves memory, making it ideal for systems with a large number of objects.

Improvements in 1.28

Significantly improved OPC UA layer

Changes improve performance and stability of the OPC UA layer.

Numerous other improvements and bug fixes