Release Notes for system:inmation 1.30

1.30.7 - March 27, 2018

Fixed in 1.30.7

Fixed inefficiencies in the connection buffer management.

Buffer allocations for connections could be reallocated continuously under certain circumstances. This fix has replaced the buffer allocation management to make this process more efficient and performative. (TFS ID 5058)

1.30.6 - March 26, 2018

Fixed in 1.30.6

Rectification of image system to ensure object property changes are retained after service restarts

Changes made to ensure that property changes are retained in specific circumstances prior to Core restarts. (TFS ID 4824 and 4831)

Ensure COM interface pointers are not leaked in the face of exceptions

Smart Pointer introduced to manage OPC Classic server instances and elimination of race condition for server reconnect threads. In certain situations, thrown exceptions can cause large number of alarms in the OPC A&E server. (TFS ID 4737)

Fixed issue with Relay service re-connection

Use only asynchronous calls with a deadline and limit the number of active sessions in the relay service. (TFS ID 3868)

Performance improvements for Core - Connnector communications

Eliminate repeated heap allocations/de-allocations in snappy compression. (TFS ID 4978)

Improved resilience of system at image reloading

Added improvements made to the image system. (TFS ID 4824)

Performance improvements made to prevent repeated creation and deletion of code meaning maps

Changes made to improve overall performance of system regarding repeated memory allocations. (TFS ID 4997)

1.30.4 - February 20, 2018

Fixed in 1.30.4

Implementation of more robust connection tracking in the TCP server object

(TFS ID 4637)

Fixed socket handle issue where a close/use/reuse race could lead to Connector disconnection

(TFS ID 4647)

Fixed issue with watchdog re-connect logic (and related code) that could lead to Connector disconnecting from Core

(TFS ID 4647)

Fixed issue with Sub-Object selection upon restarting the Core

(TFS ID 4738)

Fixed issue with VQT queuing and transport that could lead to large increases in Core memory consumption

(TFS ID 3947)

Fixed issue where updating to newer versions could cause Server object to lose registered COM ProgIDs

OPC re-registration process is now run when installed version is greater than the fingerprint version. (TFS ID 4714)

Fixed issue where synchronous reads could block new connection attempts

(TFS ID 4491)

1.30.3 - February 06, 2018

Important note about compatibility of v1.30.3 with Visual KPI v5.49.2.314

Visual KPI version is not compatible with inmation 1.30.3 out-of-the-box. If using this, or a more recent version of Visual KPI, please contact inmation support for configuration details.

Fixed in 1.30.3

High number of OnDataChange events and WpfSciDemo assertions in certain system situations related to high CPU load

Performance improvements to prevent high CPU and RAM loads in certain situations (TFS ID 4632, 4666)

Increase in memory consumption when large Lua scripts used in ReportItem objects

JsonTree is not created for large JSON strings (TFS ID 4668).

Issue when exporting data trends with different aggregations into Excel file, including timestamp display issues

Exported Excel tables now place the different aggregation types onto different worksheets in the Excel workbook. Local timestamps now also display properly in the workbook (TFS ID 4565).

Implementation of non-chunked getrawhistory functionality

TFS task 4718

1.30.2 - January 24, 2018

Fixed in 1.30.2

UA write returning BadInternalError message when using external client with inmation Server.

A UA write test has been added to the inmation Server component. (TFS ID 4596)

Issue with objects disappearing from Script Manager and return of error message when using column filters.

Fixed issue where objects would disappear from Script Manager when switching between displays in the workspace (TFS ID 4605). Also fixed issue where error message would be returned when using column filters (TFS ID 4605).

Issue with Falling edge alarm status

The Alarm Generator object would create the same alarm status for falling and rising edge alarm modes (TFS ID 4641).

Issue using "Ctrl+v" in MassConfig sheet

Fixed issue where copying rows in MassConfig sheet would display a "Headers" dialog requesting whether to use the row as a header (TFS ID 4651).

Issue with Lua sethistory function handling of property id.

This fixes numid conversion errors due to precision loss when converting to floating point and back to integer (TFS ID 4655).

Get the numid as an integer instead of a double value in the Lua checkpermission implementation.
Issue with hidden object types being visible to user.

Cloak prematurely released object types in this release TFS ID 4629, 4630).

1.30.1 - January 12, 2018

Fixed in 1.30.1

Web API - RPC Write Fix

VQT fields are now returned by default in the event that no fields options are provided.

Return value from UA dhandler conversion is now handled correctly.

Fixes problem when writing from a UA client and error message BadInternalError is returned. (TFS ID 4596)

Fixed protocol tracking data accumulation.
The EventNotifier UA attribute of Object nodes is now supported

Some UA clients require that the EventNotifier attribute is present for all UA nodes. This is now supportedin system:inmation. (TFS ID 4566)

Structure of the BSON object for keep alive messages from the server corrected

Improved method to reduce stress on the Core object and limit the number of model changes sent by Server. Model changes are only sent to the browse client after it browses at least once. (TFS ID 4617)

History queries where no data is available now send an empty array rather than returning nothing.

(TFS ID 3755)

1.30.0 - January 05, 2018

Important Note when updating to 1.30 from older versions of system:inmation

1.30 sees the introduction of the new Web API service that replaces the inmation Communication service

For enterprise:inmation customers using Visual KPI it is necessary to change the configuration in Visual KPI Server Manager. For instructions on how to change the configuration of Visual KPI to work with the new Web API service, please visit here. For more information on the new Web API service, please visit the Web API page.

New in 1.30

Web API - All new interface to replace the inmation communication service

The new Web API interface improves the performance and functionality of the web service (User Story #3586). For more information on the new Web API service, please visit the this page.

Independent instances of system:inmation now possible

It is now possible to have multiple instances of inmation services running on the same machine. This means that multiple Connectors can be installed on a single computer or a Connector and Server can be installed on the same machine but can be independent of one another and considered part of different systems. For more information about installing separate service instances, please visit the system documentation section. (User Story #3884)

OPC UA Attribute Service Set / Write Service for Dynamic Properties

Writing to the dynamic properties of system:inmation items is now possible through an OPC UA client using the Attribute Service Set / Write Service. (User Story #4458)

OPC UA Attribute Service Set / HistoryUpdate Service

Updating historical data of system inmation items is now possible through an OPC UA client using the Attribute Service Set / History Update Service (User Story #4459)

Classic OPC HDA IOPCHDA_SyncUpdate

Updating historical data with a OPC classic HDA client using HDA IOPCHDA_SyncUpdate is now possible (User Story #4460)

Restrict browsable objects per server

Each server object now has optional restrictions on what can be browsed by clients connected to the server (User Story #4520)

New Report Item and Report Designer display

The new report item and Report Designer provides reporting functionality in system:inmation for the first time (User Story #4489).

Script Manager function

The new Script Manager function allows embedded Lua scripts in objects to be linked to files which can then be updated if in the object if changes are made to the file. For example, any changes made to an embedded Lua script using an external script editor can be updated in system:inmation using the script manager. (User Story #4573)

Improved in 1.30

Simplification of logic when importing dropzone files

(TFS ID 3759)

Added extra check to ensure inmation.log() function does not cause crashes.

(TFS ID 4364)

Remove the usage of JSON config files for inmation server

JSON files are no longer used to store communication settings for OPC Classic servers (host/port values etc.), they are now stored in the command line. OPC Classic registration information is stored in the image file (TFS ID 4309).

Partial network transfer handling

Improvements have been made to system:inmation’s handling of partial transfers of data chunks (TFS ID 4404).

Connection traffic used to monitor channel latency

Prevents potential instability in core/connector connections (TFS ID 4398).

Optimization of A&E metadata collection

Metadata collection changed to occur in 2 phases, improving performance and reducing the likelihood of object locking (TFS ID 4475).

Avoidance of object locks during Lua require calls when converting table values.

(TFS ID 4513)

Fixed incorrect shared pointer initialization.

Issue fixed with potential component crashes (TFS ID 4495).

Fixed a corner case in start bound computation

Issue fixed with history calls giving incorrect returns in a particular boundary value situation (TFS ID 4527).

Setup: nodesetup start/stop service made more stable.

Fixed situation where node setup would fail if services had already been stopped (TFS ID 4419).

Fixed inmation.setreferences() Lua function

Fixed issue that would cause crashes if 2nd argument of inmation.setreferences() function is not used (TFS ID 4551)

inmation API; Fix in TableDataHelper: omit the 'data' field if there are no rows in the table.

Fixes to inmation API functions (TFS ID 4335)

inmation API - GetEventHistory

Fix for 'Custom attributes keys can’t use underscore. If using SetEvent with underscore in the keys, GetHistEvents filter with those same underscore keys won’t work'. (TFS ID 3869)

Check for empty UA XML element before converting to JSON

(TFS ID 4578)

Avoid UA history read double free and do not leak intermediate read structures.

(TFS ID 4575)

Fixed Issues in 1.30

TFS ID Title Area Date
4596 Ua writes always return BadInternalError system:inmation 2018-09-04
4632 High number of OnDataChange events loose data system:inmation 2018-07-30