Release Notes for system:inmation 1.32

1.32.2 - April 09, 2018

Fixed in 1.32.2

Fixed issue with Table Holder items receiving non-standard format JSON as value when created as default

Creating a Table Holder item without providing data for the table would by default give a non-standard JSON table as the Item value. This invalid format caused problems with the DKJSON Lua library used by system:inmation to parse JSON tables. The fix prevents this happening in newly created Table Holder items in v1.32.2, however any default Table Holder items created in v1.32.1 need to be manually reset by opening the Table Data property in the Object Properties panel and clicking Apply. This will correct the JSON format of the property. (TFS ID 5150)

Issue with Web API service becoming unresponsive after installation or update
In certain circumstances, this issue could result in the Web API failing to initialize properly after a fresh installation or update to 1.32, creating problems with the connection to Visual KPI. This issue could be resolved by restarting the Web API service, however the fix permenantly prevents the non-responsive state occurring. (TFS ID 5162)

1.32.1 - March 29, 2018

New in 1.32.1

OPC UA complient Lua API to query historical data

The new Lua function getrawhistory() allows all OPC UA raw history query options to be specified.

Web API Raw History enhancements

Can now retrieve custom time durations for raw historical data using the WebAPI. User Story #4842

Single shared port for WebSocket and HTTP for Web API

Now the Web API is configured for WebSocket and Http communication over the same port. User Story #4860

OPC endpoint restrictions now configurable

Instances of OPC Classic endpoints can now be configured to have different namespace viewing restrictions. User Story #5001

Native PLC connection to Siemens S7 devices

Siemens S7-300/400 PLCs can be connected to system:inmation as a PLC datasource underneath a Connector. User Story #5066

Input conversion for IO items

Values of I/O items can be re-scaled or given discrete values prior to historization. User Story #5067

Certificate based security for OPC UA Server

The inmation OPC UA server can now be configured to have a Trust Mode for handling certificate exchange with UA clients. User Story #5068

Redundant IO items

Redundant IO items can be created for items whose data is so important that nothing is lost should Connectors go down. User Story #5069

Report Maker

The new Report Maker functionality interacts with previously created Report Items (containing report templates) to automatically generate reports in a number of different file formats. User Story #5070

State Changes Display

The new State Changes display allows you to view and track the items in your system that undergo state changes. User Story #5076

Improved in 1.32.1

Report Item - Pre configured query objects

New options in Report Item allow pre-configured query objects to be defined and accessed in Report Designer with minimum Lua scripting. Realtime, History and namespace query objects can be pre-defined and configured.

Script Manager - Sync options

The script manager function has been improved to provide automatic syncing between uploaded and downloaded Lua scripts. This makes it easier to work with external script editors and system:inmation.

Important note about Visual KPI version compatibility with system:inmation
system:inmation is currently only compatible with Visual KPI v5.48.1.310. More recent versions of Visual KPI will not work with system:inmation so enterprise:inmation users should not upgrade Visual KPI until further notice. Please read the Installing Visual KPI Jump Start document for more information on configuring system:inmation and Visual KPI.