Release Notes for system:inmation 1.34

1.34.1 - June 11, 2018

Important note before updating to 1.34.1

1.34 sees the introduction of changes to the Web API configuration and the introduction of the Web API server model object

If your Web API service is configured to options other than the default (default hostname, port and so profile), we recommend that you make a copy of the Web API config file (found in the inmation.root/webapi directory) prior to updating. The configuration details can then be transferred to the new config file and Web API object to reconfigure the Web API after updating. Please visit installing Visual KPI Jumpstart for more information.

Configuration Changes when updating to Visual KPI v5.53.3 and above

system:inmation 1.34 is fully compatible with Visual KPI v5.53.3, however some configuration changes need to be made manually in Visual KPI Server Manager.

Please visit installing Visual KPI Jumpstart for more information.

New in 1.34.1

ESI Support

ESI (Enhanced Script Infrastructure) is a GitHub-based collaboration platform between inmation, system integrators, educational institutes and end customers. It allows for Lua code collaboration between multiple parties. In this release, the first eight ESI libraries have been merged with the server code base. A big thank you, to all involved contributors!

Console Display

The new Console Display in DataStudio allows for faster testing of Lua scripts against an inmation Core object. It has several features addressing the typical needs of users developing custom applications to run within system:inmation. The code being executed does not need to be embedded in an existing object, which makes testing much faster. Another handy feature is the Console Display supports drag & drop operations in order to automatically generate object modification code (such as create, upsert etc.).

PI-Bridge Package (OSI PI SDK Support)

The PI-Bridge package is introduced. It covers all features of the PI SDK and the PI AF SDK. This allows system:inmation to access tag configuration, real-time data, historical data, event frames, batch records as well as the Asset Framework configuration. The package can be installed on any Connector host and will be automatically distributed with the next release.

History Transporter Class

The History transporter allows massive amounts of historical data to be fetched from external systems such as OPC HDA servers, OSI PI and Aspentech IP.21. The PI-System is now natively supported by the PI-Bridge package as one option in the class. History Transporter comes with different operation modes, safe scheduling and persistent state, which allows the system to automatically continue a large transaction even after component restart (or update). The class has broad diagnostic capabilities, so that users are informed about the details of the background process at all times.

SchedulerItem Class

This new class in inmation can be used in all models and components. It has a dynamic property which raises an edge when a certain time event occurs. SchedulerItem objects can interact with ActionItems or HistoryTransporters and the like, in order to execute certain tasks at very exact time boundaries. The scheduling options are comparable to the option with recurring meetings in MS Outlook but broken down to the By Second level. A typical usage would be the triggering of shift reports or other summary reports.

Improved in 1.34.1

Extensive Additions to inmation Performance Counters

Over 70 new Performance Counters have been added to the system in order to even enhance self and health-monitoring of the entire system.

Redundant Item

History calls on redundant items now merge the history from all linked items and return the history using the same logic as for real-time data. For this reason redundant items no longer store their own history.

Object State

inmation Objects, residing in the various service components, now better report on their state in DataStudio. An open circle indicates a state, which has not yet been confirmed by the inmation Core.

Extended Filter Options with the OPC UA Server

The individual inmation OPC UA Server instance can now be restricted to only expose certain parts of the object model.

Siemens PLC S7-300/400 Datasource

The Datasource class has several improvements to the Siemens S7 interface. There is now support for reading time and date tags of S7-300/400 and S7-1500 PLCs and writing to S7-300/400 PLC tags. Writing arrays will be supported in an upcoming release.

Script Editor improved debug window

The script editor now has an improved debug panel allowing the user to scroll through large output values (such as JSON documents) using the zoom window. Other small improvements for inspection convenience have also been made.

Image system

The image subsystem has been further improved for performance and robustness.

SQL Catalog

The SQL Catalog has been improved for performance. The inmation.SQLCatalog library has been improved in order to support queries on Custom Attributes.

Fixed Issues in 1.34

TFS ID Title Area Date
4737 inmationServer channel handling does not remove old channels to the Core. system:inmation 2018-06-12
5155 Model tree collapses automatically after creating a new object system:inmation 2018-06-11
5248 Loss of time series function with big values system:inmation 2018-05-02
5262 Installer does not reinstall 'Server' and/or 'WebService' services during the update system:inmation 2018-06-27
5498 memory access violation in script memory tracking system:inmation 2018-06-12
5515 luasql library - Accessing extended ASCII characters in SQL database returns "Invalid Unicode" error system:inmation 2018-06-09
5552 Crash in UA Server session management system:inmation 2018-06-20
5700 OPC COM server may block on connection requests for an indefinite amount of time system:inmation 2018-06-10