Release Notes for system:inmation 1.36

1.36.3 - July 20, 2018

Improved in 1.36.3

TablePropertyGrid Regional Settings

Fixed issue with incorrect behaviour of numeric fields when Windows regional settings are changed. (TFS ID 6042)

Realtime Buffer Improvements

Fixed issue in buffered displays where spikes could be seen in trend data. (TFS ID 6088)

Compatibility with Visual KPI version

system:inmation 1.36.3 is now compatible with Visual KPI version 5.55.5.
If you are updating from version 5.48 or older then you will need to make some configuration changes. Please visit installing Visual KPI Jumpstart for more information.

1.36.2 - July 09, 2018

New in 1.36.2

Batch Record Datasource Class

The Batch Record Datasource allows to fetch, extend and contextualize batch records from other systems like OSIsoft PI (PI-Batch) or AspenTech (Batch.21, APRM). In addition it provides an External Tags mode, which allows for building a virtual batch record from monitored tags of either the above mentioned PIMS or any OPC-compliant data source.

IT Log Classes

Several classes have been added in order to support data center and IT system monitoring. Data is collected over various interfaces, such as Structured Files, ODBC, HTTP, HTTPS or Powershell invocation. The IT Log Datasource class then allows to harmonize, extend and contextualize the data and transforms it into a standardized master schema in order to analyze it for performance. The IT Log Analyzer inspects the data from those sources periodically, aggregates the data by topology and location and creates data-driven dashboards automatically. Pre-set configurations exist for many well known systems such as Litespeed, NetApp, Networker, Tivoli, Veeam, MAX-DB, R-MAN, Linux and Solaris Backups, Doubletake File Replication, HP StoreOnce and NetApp Storage Management. Any new data source can be added by configuration.

Improved in 1.36.2

TablePropertyGrid Status Bar

The TablePropertyGrid window now contains a status bar that details the number of columns and rows in the table and the current column and row that is currently selected.

Console display: line numbers in output pane

The console display now shows line numbers in the output pane.

Fixed Issues in 1.36

TFS ID Title Area Date
5075 Converting an ASCII string to UTF-8 and then UTF-8 to ASCII truncates the string system:inmation 2018-06-25
5826 Race condition on the dedicated flag system:inmation 2018-06-19
5828 VKPI integration - RCS service doesn’t fetch ‘Plant Compound’ object type from KPI model. system:inmation 2018-06-26
5838 Connector/Relay crash when the process can't bind to a socket system:inmation 2018-07-12