Release Notes for system:inmation 1.42

1.42.0 - September 07, 2018

New in 1.42

Drag and Drop or Cut and Paste Objects in models

Objects can now be moved around in the respective models using drag and drop or cut and paste. As well as moving the object location, any references will also be updated to reflect the new path of the object.

HistoryController Item

The HistoryController allows for a complete automated history data transport chain from one end (Historian) to another (Historian). It schedules history transport on a recurring, near-time basis and has also provisions to concentrate historical data from multiple, different sources into the destination. Sources supported are OSIsoft PI, AspenTech IP.21 and any other OPC DA/HDA compliant Historian system.

HistorySink Item

The HistorySinkItem allows to sink historical (time-series) data either into an OSIsoft PI system or to the file system of the operating system.

HistoryExporter Item

The HistoryExporter allows to export historical data, either aggregated (any of the OPC Unified Architecture standard aggregates) or as raw series. The object can manage any number of source objects and any depth of history, still resulting in one single file. The exported data contains rich context information in the respective file headers.

KPITable object

The KPITable object is a new KPI model object that retrieves data from inmation and displays as a table on the Visual KPI web interface. On request from Visual KPI, the object executes a custom Lua script to retrieve data and return a JSON table with a specific schema for display. See the KPITable Hands On tutorial for more information.

New inmation.moveobject Lua function

This new moveobject supports the above mentioned drag & drop functionality through the Lua interface. Objects in any model can now be moved to a new location using the inmation.moveobject function by providing the path of the object to be moved and the path of the parent for its new location.

New inmation.getlogs() Lua function

Log messages can now be retrieved through the Lua interface using the inmation.getlogs function. Log messages are retrieved by specifying start and end time and optionally, filtering for particular objects.

MQTT support

system:inmation now includes support for the MQTT protocol through the Lua interface with integration of the Lua Mosquito library. MQTT is a simple and lightweight messaging protocol designed for devices on low bandwidth, high latency networks.

cURL support

system:inmation includes support for the cURL protocol via the Lua interface. cURL is a command line tool for sending or receiving information using URL syntax.

JSON Viewer

A JSON viewer has been added to DataStudio making it easier to view the schema and structure of JSON outputs from objects. The Viewer can be accessed from the context menu of the Faceplate of any item, the Watched Item panel of the Script Editor and from the Realtime Grid display.

Monitoring of feedback of external writes - Feedback Object

The new Feedback object in the I/O model can be used to monitor whether the external writing of values to I/O items has been successful. The Feedback item value is compared to the actual I/O item value that has been written to check that the write was successful.

Change path function for mass configuration of objects

Mass configuration displays can be easily modified to copy the creation of a large number of objects. Using the Re-base button, the object paths for all objects in the display can be quickly altered. Any reference paths in the object configuration can also be changed using this functionality.

Improved in 1.42

Store and Forward Improvements

The Store and Forward system has been improved to deal with disk corruption and I/O errors in a more robust manner. The method for purging of old data from the stored buffers has been improved to avoid long purging cycles.

Write support for Siemens S7 1500 and 300/400 PLCs

The system:inmation Datasource interface to Siemens S7 PLCs now offer full write support options for 1500 and 300/400 varieties.

Support for I/O, Marker and Counter tags for Siemens S7-300/400 PLCs

The system:inmation Datasource interface now offers support for I/O, marker and counter tags on Siemens S7-300/400 PLCs.

Web API token authentication

The Web API now support token authentication based on inmation profiles and Windows domain and local accounts. See this page for more information.

DataStudio now requires .NET v4.6.2
A new requirement for DataStudio in system:inmation v1.42 is .NET v4.6.2. If you do not have .NET 4.6.2 installed then it will be installed automatically when system:inmation 1.42 is installed/updated.
If you wish to manually install .NET please download from Microsoft prior to installing system:inmation 1.38.
Compatibility with Visual KPI 5.56.6
For system:inmation 1.42, the recommended version of Visual KPI is system inmation 1.42 remains compatible with older versions of Visual KPI from onwards.

Fixed Issues in 1.42

TFS ID Title Area Date
6851 SCI security escape hatches ignored after a Core restart system:inmation 2018-09-19
6818 Relay fails to start up properly system:inmation 2018-09-19
6799 race condition when a source attaches to the time series buffer system:inmation 2018-09-19
6313 Inefficient security checking in channel-bound Lua instances system:inmation 2018-09-19

Known Issues in 1.42

There are no known issues in this release.