Release Notes for system:inmation 1.44

1.44.1 - November 09, 2018

Improved in 1.44.1

History Transporter, Controller and Sink Objects

Interaction and robustness of the History objects improved.

External history retrieval with Lua

Improvements made to the underlying Lua code that helps with retrieval of time series history data from external systems.

1.44.0 - November 07, 2018

Installation of MongoDB 4.0.2

For all new installations, system:inmation 1.44 will install MongoDB 4.0.2.
For all versions of system:inmation 1.44 and above, MongoDB 4.0.2 is now the recommended version, however, older versions of MongoDB are still supported.
For existing system:inmation installations, to upgrade your existing MongoDB installation to 4.0.2, please visit the MongoDB site and read the release notes for instructions on upgrading.

New in 1.44

Integration of MongoDB 4.0.2

The integration of the latest version of MongoDB includes new SCRAM-SHA-256 security mode and fixes outstanding issues present in MongoDB 3.0.7.

WebAPI mass function

In 1.44 the WebAPI can be used to create, delete and modify multiple objects in a manner similar to the Lua API mass function.

WebAPI LINQ expression integration

LINQ expressions can now be used as input for Raw data historical queries

Lua API SaF Buffer check functions

Users can now use the Lua API to query the status of component SaF buffers. The inmation.getsafseqnr, inmation.getsafforwardedseqnr, and inmation.getsafconfirmedseqnr functions have been introduced.

Lua API inmation.control functions

The introduction of the inmation control functions allows you to list all running Lua instances in the system (inmation.control.list). Individual instances can then be shifted to a dedicated thread or terminated using the inmation.control.dedicate and inmation.control.terminate functions respectively.

OPC DA client Grace settings for AddItems calls

Extra settings are now available to control the number of items per AddItems call and add a time delay between AddItems calls for OPC DA Datasources.

Improved in 1.44

Excel Worksbook exports

Excel workbooks exported from DataStudio display integers in Number cell format.

DataStudio Startup improved

Visualization of workspace loading, tree expansion levels saved with the workspace, Core connection settings present after software update.

History Transporter Items

Harmonization between all the History classes in terms of properties and functionality. Improvements to state management of the history classes.

Disable WebAPI Swagger page

Option to disable WebAPI Swagger page in WebAPI server object properties.

WebAPI - extension of execfunction

The execfuction of the WebAPI (used to execute functions within a Lua script. library) has been extended to make use of the HTTP query string following the WHATWG URL standard used by web browsers

Lua API gethistoryex function compatibility with OPC UA data sources

The inmation.gethistoryex function can now be used with OPC UA servers as well as OPC Classic servers.

DataStudio Window Management

Improvements have been made to DataStudio to have the same behaviour as other Windows applications including: Drag and drop between screens, Expanding window size across screens, maximizing window when dragged to corners, customize window size when double clicking on toolbar, memory of custom window size after closing window.

DataStudio Colour Scheme

Improvements made to the "light" colour scheme to improve user experience and clarity.

DataStudio MassConfig Display

Improvements made to simplify MassConfig sheets by only displaying properties of the selected subclass. Also warnings are added to alert user to fields containing white spaces.

DataStudio JSON Viewer

Now the JSON viewer is available to view log details in the session log

Node Setup

The Node setup can now be used to Add/Remove multiple instances of Connector and Relay services.

Network Channel Memory usage

Network channels between inmation components now have reduced memory footprint.

Known Issues in 1.44

System object in yellow Warning state after upgrade

system:inmation deployments with MongoDB CR or SHA authentication, that did not use the repository Custom-Datastore before, will see a warning for the system object, indicated by a yellow status indicator.

Compatibility with Visual KPI 5.58.4
For system:inmation 1.44, the recommended version of Visual KPI is 5.58.4. system inmation 1.44 remains compatible with older versions of Visual KPI from onwards.
Due to known issues, Visual KPI 5.57 should not be used.

Fixed Issues in 1.44

TFS ID Title Area Date
7218 Web API - dotnet client; WebSocket SendMessageAsync is not thread safe system:inmation 2018-11-19
7192 Spikes in the User State Changes when the Connector is stopped system:inmation 2018-10-30
7190 Web API - dotnet client; The task in the RunScriptAsync method was never completed system:inmation 2018-11-02
7130 Actions within the Lua script of the rule object do not work system:inmation 2018-11-13
7105 Missing Cancel button On Save Workspace window after Disconnect system:inmation 2018-10-26
7091 Installer doesn't have 32 bit DataStudio option system:inmation\Setup 2018-10-18
7055 WebAPI detects wrong number of CPUs system:inmation 2018-10-19
6936 DataStudio scrollbar scaling is incorrect system:inmation 2018-10-29
6917 Lua script in a rule object is executed with a nil object when the condition is empty system:inmation 2018-10-26
6915 OPC COM Client Write Backlog may grow unlimited system:inmation 2018-10-10
6887 Unable to view ISA-95 Equipment Model object with restricted profile system:inmation 2018-10-12
6886 PLC datasource cannot read "String[nn]" if the string has the exact length with the data type system:inmation 2018-09-25
6862 DataStudio does not maximize if the taskbar is on the left or top system:inmation 2018-11-13
6859 Web API ExecFunction; Error 'argument could not be resolved to a profile' when using the WebSocket interface in combination with Active Directory integration system:inmation 2018-09-25
6607 Rule conditions - 'Does not end with' operator does not work properly system:inmation 2018-11-08
6584 Table Holder: OK causes Software Error system:inmation\UserInterface\InDataStudio 2018-09-26
6200 UA datasource cannot establish the connection if the endpoint has 'None' user name security policy system:inmation\Mainline\Services\inmation\UA Client 2018-10-30
6089 Closing workspace will loose script editor changes system:inmation 2018-09-06
5566 Fatal error occurs in DataStudio after a right-click on an object path in 'Object Search' window system:inmation 2018-11-26
5286 inExcelAddin is not functional on Excel 2013 & Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2018-10-09

Known Issues in 1.44

There are no known issues in this release.