Release Notes for system:inmation 1.46

1.46.6 - January 30, 2019

Improved in 1.46.6

DataStudio Property Panel - Enabling Apply/Cancel buttons

Fixed issue where the Apply and Cancel buttons in the property panel would remain enabled even after applying/cancelling changes (TFS ID 6422).

DataStudio Property Panel - Flag updates

Fixed issue where flags in the property panel would not be correctly indicated after applying changes (TFS ID 7714).

DataStudio - Expanding Trees in Model Panels

Fixed Issue where DataStudio would need to wait for a Core response when expanding trees in the Model panels, causing slowdown (TFS ID 7482).

DataStudio RealTimeTrend

Issue fixed where deleting items in IO model could affect open RealTime trend display content (TFS ID 7918).

DataStudio RealTimeGrid

Issue fixed that could prevent children of selected objects being added to the RealTimeGrid display via the context menu or by drag and drop. Also, issues with the initial values of added items not being visible in the RealTimeGrid and loading of multiple RealTimeGrid displays in one workspace (TFS ID 7922, 7924, 7939 and 7943).

1.46.4 - January 21, 2019

Improved in 1.46.4

Persistence database backup during image backup

The image backup options have been expanded to create a simultaneous persistence database backup.

Lua gettime() and gettimepartstable() functions

The parsing of timestamp strings by the Lua API inmation.gettime and gettimepartstable() functions have been improved.

Event stream filtering on OPC A&E servers

Fixes made to OPC A&E event stream filtering that was preventing the condition filter from working correctly (TFS ID 6204).

DataStudio: Refreshing volatile properties in property panel

Fixes to improve refreshing of volatile properties of selected objects in the property panel of DataStudio. (TFS ID 7851)

DataStudio: Property panel configuration changes

Improvements made to dialog information when changes are made to an object configuration in the property panel or by Lua and changes are not applied. (TFS ID 7861).

DataStudio: Profile assignment with floating Access model panel

Fixed issue where profile assignment would not work when the Access model is floating. (TFS ID 7862)

Setup: copying of SCI dll file

Fixed issue where the installation of system:inmation using the setup file would not copy all necessary dll files to the directory. (TFS ID 7478)

MongoDB backup: refactoring and improvements

The MongoDB backup Lua functionality for specific objects has been improved to accept object paths. General improvements have also been made to simplify usage.

1.46.3 - January 11, 2019

Improved in 1.46.3

Connection to WinCC OPC UA Server

inmation UA client connection to WinCC OPC UA Server has been fixed (TFS ID 7563)

Column Options in Dropzone Datasource

The Column Options setting in the Dropzone Datasource have been fixed and are working correctly. (TFS ID 7581)

LuaSQL ODBC environment improvements

Changes made to the LuaSQL library usage to limit the number of ODBC environments created and prevent memory leaks. (TFS ID 7630)

Lua rapidjson library improvements

The lua-rapidjson library has been modified to correctly manage error exceptions and prevent crashes. (TFS ID 7697)

32-bit Connector updates on Windows XP

Improvements have been made to prevent update failures on 32-bit Connector components on Windows XP systems. (TFS ID 7749)

Web API setup and update

Improvements made to setup when updating to latest WebAPI version. Problem fixed where update would fail to happen due to "Handshake timeout". (TFS ID 7763)

DataStudio performance - IO item configuration changes

Improvements made to DataStudio to prevent slow down when changing some IO item configurations. Also problems when adding items and reloading Dashboard displays (TFS ID 7778, 7789)

1.46.2 - December 12, 2018

New in 1.46

Backup support - Image and MongoDB

New Lua support to create back-ups of the system image files and the MongoDB repository. Full restoration of system and historical data is possible from back ups generated. See the Backup and Restoration documentation for more details.

Web API HTTP interface support for http compression

Web API now supports gzip and Deflate HTTP compression. The compression can be selected in the request header with the 'Accept-Encoding' field. The choice of 'deflate' or 'gzip' can be entered here, an empty field indicates that no compression should be used.

Web API authentication against Active directory SAM accounts

Web API users can now use authentication against an Active Directory which makes use of SAM-Account Types

DataStudio Status Bar messages

DataStudio now displays messages in the status bar to indicate if the UI is frozen and what process is causing it to freeze

DataStudio - Log Display timeout

A configurable timeout can now be set in the General Settings/Logging settings. This helps to avoid the situation where calls to the log would make the display unresponsive. Default value is set to 600 seconds.

Improved in 1.46

Increased Data Size in Time Series Historian

Improvements in the time series historian have removed size restrictions to allow larger amounts of millisecond data to be stored per hour. Any restrictions that are encountered are reported.

Web API command line installation/uninstallation

Installation of the Web API service from the command line has been improved. Please read the Web API installation guide for details.

WebAPI Handshake improvements

General improvements to the WebAPI handshake process to prevent the need for service restart.

Node Installation via setup on host with full setup already installed

The Node setup can now be used to install services on a host that already has the full Core setup installed. This is useful when you wish to connect two separate Core hosts via a Server-Connector relationship.

DataStudio - Improved display loading configuration

When reloading displays in DataStudio, unresolved objects can now be searched for by path as well as ObjectId. This means that objects that were deleted but then recreated with the same path can be reloaded into displays.

Lua memory allocation improvements
DataStudio - Simple Log Display

The Log Display now has a Simple View preconfigured set of columns with 4 columns (Time, Severity, Message and Detail).

Compatibility of 1.46 with Visual KPI 5.58.4
For system:inmation 1.46, the recommended version of Visual KPI is 5.58.4. system inmation 1.46 remains compatible with older versions of Visual KPI from onwards Due to known issues, Visual KPI 5.57 should not be used.

Fixed Issues in 1.46

TFS ID Title Area Date
7826 Reconnect functionality of the web API client does not work system:inmation 2019-01-21
7789 Dashboard infinite loading system:inmation 2019-01-11
7778 DataStudion Freezes during apply of IoItem system:inmation 2019-01-10
7763 WebApi update to 1.46.2 fails "Handshake timeout" system:inmation 2019-01-10
7749 32-bit Connector update to 1.46.2 failed on Windows XP system:inmation 2019-01-10
7630 ODBC driver leaks handles when more than one environment is created system:inmation 2019-01-11
7581 Column options in Dropzone datasource does not work properly system:inmation 2019-01-04
7568 Report item - Lua script to retrieve Namespace Query Option Data is leaking memory system:inmation 2018-12-13
7563 inmation UA client cannot establish the connection with WinCC OPC UA server v14 system:inmation 2019-01-10
7486 Mass config export process does not include the Script Library property system:inmation 2018-12-05
7482 Expanding tree in models is not a fully asynchronous operation system:inmation 2018-12-06
7476 Custom attributes' columns disappear in Event View display after a refresh system:inmation 2018-12-05
7467 History trend looses item configuration system:inmation 2018-11-27
7426 TableHolder order is no longer applied system:inmation\UserInterface 2018-11-20
7418 MongoDB 4 is checked during upgrade (should not be) system:inmation\Setup 2018-12-11
7412 ScriptManager: Performance issue system:inmation 2018-11-16
7406 DataStudio unable to close or disconnect after update 1.44.0 and 1.44.1 system:inmation 2018-12-05
7405 Lua memory leak when writing to PLC IO items system:inmation 2019-01-08
7397 Setup should not uninstall / install WebApi service system:inmation\Setup 2018-11-26
7350 Add repository facility names to log messages related to custom and timeseries data stores system:inmation 2018-11-19
7349 Dropzone datasource causes an invalid JSON syntax by replacing a comma with a period system:inmation 2018-11-26
6839 History grid uses comma decimal seperation for Excel file exports system:inmation 2018-11-08
5514 Access Model Profile Object - The "DataStudio" General Authorization setting makes no difference if set or not system:inmation 2018-11-09
4809 EventViewer detail view shows mixed key / value pairs system:inmation 2018-12-05
4684 WebApi update should not change settings in xml configuration file system:inmation\Setup 2018-11-23

Known Issues in 1.46

There are no known issues in this release.