Release Notes for system:inmation 1.48

1.48.2 - March 19, 2019

Improved in 1.48.2

Support for Windows XP Service Pack 1

inmation 32bit services can now be run on hosts with a Windows XP Service Pack 1 installation. (TFS ID 7764)

Browse restrictions for OPC UA Datasources

Introduction of browse limit options for OPC UA Datasources to control number of items and nodes that are browsed.

Performance Improvements -  History retrieval for Redundant Items

Considerable performance improvements to increase speed of history retrieval for redundant items.

MassConfig for restricted profiles

MassConfig operations are now possible for restricted profiles if access is allowed for the object in the MassConfig. Trim flags can still be specified to continue control over profile MassConfig activities. (TFS ID 7950)

DataStudio - Performance improvements for Workspace loading

Considerable performance improvements when loading DataStudio workspaces containing many displays. (TFS ID 8390)

Logging messages

Improvements made to logging system to allow the system to continue processing logs after extremely large log messages are received. (TFS ID 8358)

PLC Datasource

Datasource now handles non-accessible tag types that previously could cause interruptions to connections. (TFS ID 8207)

MongoDB.Bson NuGet update

All inmation clients now use MongoDB.Bson NuGet package v2.7 to support MongoDB 4.02 installation. (TFS ID 8327)

Setup Upgrade

Improvements made to the setup to handle problems with stopping services during upgrade. (TFS ID 8318)

Web API property writing

Improvements made to the mechanism by which Web API writes certain properties to prevent undue load on image writing. (TFS ID 8271)

Handling deletion of certain object types

Improvements made to the way that deletion of object types that have sub-objects with sub-objects (for example OPC Datasources) is handled. (TFS ID 8019)

OPC server disconnection handling

Improvements made to better handle unexpected server disconnections in certain circumstances. Prevents reconnection errors upon service restarts. (TFS IDs 8341, 8069)

1.48.0 - February 26, 2019

New in 1.48

S88/S95-compliant Production Tracking

system:inmation 1.48 sees the introduction of the Production Tracking functionality, allowing the user to retrieve, create and store batch records from production facilities according to the ISA-88 international standard. This can be linked to the assets managed in the ISA-95 equipment model to maintain manufacturing operation and control connections.

Batch Tracker Object

A new class, the Batch Tracker, has been added to the I/O Model. It can contextualize batches from any inputs (e.g. PLC registers or OPC items). It works near real-time and allows for complete data acquisition including raw data, time series, trends and events. All such characteristics can be stored with the Batch Production Record.

Production Tracking Data Store - Batch Record MongoDB Repository

Batch Records can be stored in the new Production Tracking Data Store. The new repository stores batch records according to ISA-88 and ISA-95 standards and can be queried using inmation’s Lua and Web APIs.

Production Tracking Calendar - DataStudio

Production tracking events can be viewed and filtered using the DataStudio Calendar display. The display also offers the possibility to retrieve and view full batch records for production events direct from the calendar.

Batch Production Record Querying - Lua and Web API

system:inmation APIs (Lua and Web API) can be used to query the production tracking data store and retrieve batch production records in JSON format.

Improved in 1.48

Batch Record Datasource improvements

The Batch Record Datasource has undergone improvements to ensure the reliability of batch tracking using the PI-bridge interface. It is now possible to retrieve batches from the reference point of the current batch (for example, getting the next batch or the previous batch).

DataStudio JSON Viewer

The DataStudio JSON viewer has been improved to allow you to toggle between a structured and a raw view of the JSON string. There is also a refresh button to keep the viewer up to date with the latest JSON value.

History Transporter Optimization and Improvements

Many optimizations have been applied to the HistoryTransporter class. It now allows for the fine tuning of AspenTech IP.21 History Requests, re-uses open connections with either the PI-Bridge or the SQLPlus interface, configurably reduces the calls to fetch external tag context and has intensified reporting about configuration problems (e.g. missing tags in the source system).

NodeSetup installer - Install/Remove Server instances

The 1.48 NodeSetup installer can now install/remove multiple instances of the inmation Server component.

Web API Improvements

Improvements have been to the Web API including increase in optional fields for the access token for WebSocket interface and integration of active directory authentication. The ReadHistoricalDataAtTime endpoint now supports the WebSocket interface.

Compatibility of 1.48 with Visual KPI 5.61.2
For system:inmation 1.48, the recommended version of Visual KPI is 5.61.2. system inmation 1.48 remains compatible with older versions of Visual KPI from onwards Due to known issues, Visual KPI 5.57 should not be used.
Change of property datatype change for Scheduler Item
In 1.48, the data type of the RecurDayWeekday property of the Scheduler Item has been changed from integer to boolean. Please update any API scripts that invoke this property to reflect the change.

Fixed Issues in 1.48

TFS ID Title Area Date
8437 Array labels misleading for HistoryController and BatchRecord system:inmation 2019-03-19
8436 Copying a string from JsonViewer throws a clipboard error system:inmation 2019-04-02
8397 UA writes create incorrect timestamp DataValue system:inmation 2019-04-02
8341 inmation HDA datasource cannot reconnect to the HDA server after a server restart system:inmation 2019-03-19
8249 Json Viewer - Invalid escape sequence in JSON string exception system:inmation\UserInterface 2019-02-22
8241 DB operation failure causes memory increase system:inmation 2019-02-26
8207 PLC datasource - Read failure of S7_Pointer data type interrupts the connection for other data types system:inmation 2019-03-19
8095 Mass config - Export&import in Excel format deletes the leading zeros in object names system:inmation 2019-02-20
8073 Clicking on EventStream item causes DataStudio to freeze system:inmation\UserInterface 2019-02-08
8069 OPC DA Data source stops working system:inmation 2020-07-16
8068 Crash when querying real-time buffer information system:inmation 2019-05-08
8052 DataStudio - Enabling "Workdays only" property of the schedule item throws a software error system:inmation\UserInterface 2019-02-12
8045 Spikes occur in a redundant item's trend with timeAverage2 & timeAverage aggregates system:inmation 2019-03-21
8043 DataStudio - Infinite loading of the faceplate system:inmation\UserInterface 2019-02-05
8029 Automated generation of Lua script in the Reportmaker error system:inmation 2019-03-01
8019 Connector - Increasing Memory and Object Count system:inmation 2019-03-05
7862 Profile assignment does not work if the Access Model panel is floating system:inmation\UserInterface 2019-01-18
7851 PropertyPanel: Volatile properties do not refresh system:inmation 2019-01-18
7714 Flag Groups: update flags in property panel is not correct indicated system:inmation\UserInterface\PropertyPanel 2019-01-07
7651 NavigationTree: Two "Browse once" menu items system:inmation\UserInterface 2019-01-15
7478 Setup is missing SCI dll's system:inmation\Setup 2019-01-16
7459 inmation Server instances are not discovered by the clients after an update from v1.40.4 system:inmation 2019-01-03
7449 Contention in memory allocator after 1.44.1 upgrade system:inmation 2018-12-19
7408 Relay-Connector communication lost after upgrade to 1.44.1 (manual-permissive does not work) system:inmation 2019-03-21
7335 System object is yellow after s:i installation (with CR authentication) system:inmation 2019-05-07
7126 Historical queries of Redundant items takes much more time comparing with the IO-items system:inmation 2019-03-20
6794 History grid does not export the selected columns to Excel system:inmation 2019-02-22
6617 Manual, Permissive connector doesn't show its software version system:inmation 2019-03-18
6422 PropertyPanel: Apply remain enabled system:inmation 2019-01-23
6204 Problems with event stream filtering system:inmation 2019-01-17
5329 Silent loss of big values in time series system:inmation 2018-12-17
5093 Core not able to connect to MongoDB if the username or password contains characters like "_", ".", "/" system:inmation\MongoDB 2019-03-20

Known Issues in 1.48

TFS ID Title Area Date
6511 ProcessValueLink property causes confusion system:inmation 2018-08-16
6264 Changing the port of the Core is not working system:inmation 2018-08-01