Release Notes for system:inmation 1.56

1.56.3 - September 11, 2019

New in 1.56

KPI Bookmark Object

Visual KPI Bookmarks can now be defined and configured in DataStudio using the KPI Bookmark object. The object is created below KPI Profile objects in the Server Model and will be represented as a bookmark on the Visual KPI web interface when the corresponding profile is selected.

Improved in 1.56

Batch Record Datasource

Improvements have been made to the Batch Record Datasource (BRDS) handling of updates/annotations of Batch Production Records (BPR) to ensure that all user added extensions/annotations are retained after a BRDS updates active BPRs in the Production Tracking Data Store.

Scheduler Item

Issue fixed where inconsistencies in the Scheduler Item Start time could be seen if the recurrence pattern frequency was changed.

History Transfer Chain

The History Transfer Chain objects have undergone improvements to increase overall stability and robustness. Improvements also made to handle potential problems that could be encountered when upgrading from older versions of system:inmation.

DataStudio display and performance Improvements

Changes made to DataStudio to improve the display of certain property values in the Object Properties panel. General improvements made to the display of dynamic values on the Faceplate and the overall performance of DataStudio.

Web API subscription functionality

The Web API's subscription capability through the Web Socket interface has been improved to increase the stability and robustness when connection is lost or when services are initializing/stopping.

Fixed Issues in 1.56

TFS ID Title Area Date
10214 Batch Record extensions / annotations lost after updates from a BRDS system:inmation 2019-09-09
10087 Stopping core during Batch Tracker 'Continous monitoring' state breaks the tracker system:inmation 2020-06-12

Known Issues in 1.56

TFS ID Title Area Date
6511 ProcessValueLink property causes confusion system:inmation 2018-08-16
6264 Changing the port of the Core is not working system:inmation 2018-08-01
10213 Extension / Annotation prohibited configuration not honored in BRDS system:inmation 2019-09-03