Release Notes for system:inmation 1.58

1.58 - September 25, 2019

New in 1.58.2

Batch Record Datasource - Merge Set Suppression

The Batch Record Datasource (BRDS) now has the option to suppress incomplete Asset Effectiveness merge sets. This can be a problem if the connected external batch system does not provide complete information during the initial retrieval cycles.

Batch Record Datasource - External Tag Access

The BRDS Tag Configuration properties can now be set to read values from external tags to enrich A&E and Batch Production Records.

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) support with Web API

The Web API now supports IWA. Using a token based system, the Web API can request authorization based on Windows authentication.

History Transporter Visualization

The progress of your History Transfer processes can now be followed by viewing the progress bar in the Object Properties panel of the History Transporter object.

New ISA-95 Equipment Model classes

New classes are now available in the Equipment Model to distinguish between links to different types of I/O Model data items (Textual State, Discrete State, Calculated Value etc.). Also added are DataFolder and PerformanceFolder classes to group together linked data items under equipment objects.

Improved in 1.58

Report Viewer - OS Language support

Issue fixed - Report Designer now works with Spanish language operating systems.

DataStudio Improvements

This release includes multiple bug fixes and other general improvements to DataStudio, providing gains in performance and usability.

Customers updating from version 1.52 or later:

When an outdated Data Studio connects to the Core, it will be automatically updated to version 1.58. However, this update will happen in two stages, and the user will be prompted to connect to the Core again to complete the second stage. Please contact AspenTech Inmation Customer Service if you experience any problems during the update.

Customers updating from a version earlier than 1.52:

When an outdated Data Studio connects to the Core, it will be automatically updated to version 1.58. However, we remind our customers that the update process may be affected by the problem fixed in version 1.52 – please refer to Release Notes for 1.52 and here for more information.

Compatibility of 1.58 with Visual KPI

For system:inmation v1.58, it is recommended to use version 5.68.9 of Visual KPI.

system inmation v1.58 remains compatible with older versions of Visual KPI from onwards. However, due to known issues, Visual KPI 5.57 should not be used.

Fixed Issues in 1.58

TFS ID Title Area Date
9389 Excel add-in - The last row of the history query result always consists of '#N/A's system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2019-06-27
9269 Do not browse S7 PLC TIA tags which are marked as non-accessible system:inmation 2019-09-12
9100 Excel add-in search option returns duplicate paths system:inmation 2019-06-21
8568 inmation.getrawhistory() does not work for redundant items system:inmation 2019-06-19
5151 Setup does not copy all required files for Excel AddIn system:inmation\Setup 2019-06-21
4658 performance counter units mixed system:inmation 2019-06-24
10069 Adding generic item to Webtrend does not work system:inmation 2019-08-29
10058 Report Designer display is not functional on a Spanish operating system system:inmation\UserInterface\Reporting 2019-09-16

Known Issues in 1.58

TFS ID Title Area Date
6511 ProcessValueLink property causes confusion system:inmation 2018-08-16
6264 Changing the port of the Core is not working system:inmation 2018-08-01
10213 Extension / Annotation prohibited configuration not honored in BRDS system:inmation 2019-09-03