Release Notes for system:inmation 1.62

1.62.2 - February 3, 2020

Improved in 1.62.2

Custom Time Series Data Store Improvements

Changes have been made to the Custom Time Series Data Store feature to improve functionality and performance. An issue has been fixed with switching custom data store selections and the maximum retention time settings have also been increased.

1.62.1 - January 20, 2020

New in 1.62

Custom Time Series Data Stores

Users can now create Custom Time Series Data Stores to selectively archive data. Multiple Custom Time Series Data Store objects can be created below the Core and made available as an archive option for I/O item data and other time series data producing objects in the system.

Web Chart Web App

The Web Chart, Web App functionality can be accessed in a browser or embedded in Visual KPI dashboards using the Advanced Trend KPI Model object. The responsive Web Chart display supports multiple x and y axes and contains extensive configuration options in the browser display.

History Refetch

The History Transfer Controller now supports Refetch of historical data. This function can be used to fill data gaps in the sink or to repeatedly fill in historical data for any purpose. The Refetch function can be activated for all or a selected subset of the tag streams managed by a particular History Transfer Controller object.

Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) Web API Integration

The Web API now incorporates Microsoft’s Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) as an authentication method.

Improved in 1.62

inExcel Add-In Communication

The communication between the inExcel Add-in and the Core has been upgraded to use the Web API. This improves performance and increased functionality with the range of available Web API endpoints.

v1.62 contains changes to the way the inExcel Add-in communicates with the system. The Web API is now used instead of the SCI so the inExcel Add-in must be reconfigured. Please visit here for details on how to change the necessary settings.
Compatibility of 1.62 with Visual KPI

For system:inmation v1.62, it is recommended to use version of Visual KPI.

system inmation v1.62 remains compatible with older versions of Visual KPI from onwards. However, due to known issues, Visual KPI 5.57 should not be used.

Fixed Issues in 1.62

TFS ID Title Area Date
9987 Silent installation option restarts the machine without a prompting message system:inmation\Setup 2020-01-21
8358 Improper handling of large log messages system:inmation 2019-12-09
11332 Archive Selection - The switch from one custom data store to another is not applied immediately system:inmation 2020-01-31
10270 Downwards compatiblity of DataStudio global configuration failed system:inmation 2020-01-29

Known Issues in 1.62

TFS ID Title Area Date
9677 Excel Addin - Actions pane is not shown when some other add-ins are enabled system:inmation 2019-07-12
9388 Excel add-in - There is no order in the object tree or in the search result system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2019-06-19
9383 Excel Addin - VBA Module popup appears every time a new worksheet is used system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2019-06-18
8642 Switch off the option of Set NaN in the Limit Settings compound system:inmation 2019-03-29
6511 ProcessValueLink property causes confusion system:inmation 2018-08-16
6296 The UA connection is functional despite 'Server Certificate Endpoint Host mismatch (creating session)' error system:inmation\Mainline\Services\inmation\UA Client 2018-08-02
6264 Changing the port of the Core is not working system:inmation 2018-08-01
11251 inmation-Compose error handling for empty script files system:inmation 2020-01-17
11238 Web API authentication fails with a profile that has a backslash(\) in its password system:inmation 2020-01-16
10516 History Transporter gets stalled after returning an error state system:inmation 2019-10-14
10274 The parent item seems disabled in the tree even though the children items seem enabled system:inmation 2019-09-06
10213 Extension / Annotation prohibited configuration not honored in BRDS system:inmation 2019-09-03
10118 inmation Server doesn't resume event subscription after Core restart system:inmation\Mainline\Services\OPC Server 2019-08-20