Release Notes for system:inmation 1.64

1.64.1 - March 19, 2020

Improved in 1.64.1

Handling of Active Components

Improvements have been made to how the Core handles active components. This improves security and avoids connection errors between the Core and other active components, such as the Server and active Connectors.

OPC UA Client Subscriptions

The OPC UA client interface has been improved to ensure subscriptions are maintained after disconnection and restart of a OPC UA Server.

DataStudio Script Libraries

Improvements made to DataStudio handling of Script Library updates. Users may have previously encountered Session Log errors when making frequent updates.

Web API Authentication and Communication

The Web API server now includes fully integrated Windows authentication for the V2 endpoints. Also, the Web API server now treats the Functional Component "0" as the MasterCore. This fixes a problem where a communication error might be displayed immediately after upgrade.

Web Chart Improvements

Fixes made to the Web Chart to prevent display errors when using the Candlestick and Value Band trend types. Also, issues have been fixed with history retrieval for Process Linked items of GenKPI and Analog Measurement objects.

1.64.0 - March 9, 2020

New in 1.64

Local Cores & Autonomous Site Operation

The Local Core feature allows for the installation of Core services on remote sites that are connected to a centralized Master Core. Local Cores can operate autonomously in the event of a connection outage, maintaining ability of on-site archiving and history calls. After connection has resumed, the Master Core is updated along with the appropriate centralized System Data Stores.

Script Manager - Find and Replace

Find-and-replace functionality has now been added to the Script Manager. Use the Ctrl+H shortcut to open the find-and-replace dialog when using the Script Manager.

Custom Event (A&E) and Production Tracking Data Stores

Two new custom data stores are introduced in this release, the Custom Event Data Store and the Custom Production Tracking Data Store to stand alongside the already introduced Custom Time Series Data Store. All three can be used with the Local Core and Autonomous Site Operation functionality or within a single Core system.

Important information about changes to Lua and Web API behavior with Custom Data Store Objects

in this version, the behavior of certain Lua and Web API functions/endpoints has changed in regards to accessing the new Custom Data Store Objects.

Lua functions from the list below now include an option to select a Custom Data Store object (as a path to the object or objspec).

Web API endpoints from the list below now include an option to select a Custom Production Tracking Data Store object:

Improved in 1.64

History Transporter Progress Bar

The percentage progress of your History Transfer operations can now be followed to a one decimal place precision on the progress bar.

Web Chart Improvements

The Web Chart has been updated to fix some minor issues and to improve the overall user experience.

Object Path Specification

Clarification of path specification (pathspec) and object specification (objspec) as arguments for inmation Lua API functions. An objspec can only refer to an object whereas pathspec can refer to an object or a property.

Important information about changes to Lua API behavior

in this version, the behavior of certain Lua API functions has changed.

  1. Functions from the list below now require a path to object, while in previous versions they would accept a property path, ignoring its property part. That could result in unexpected behavior, notably with object names that contained dots.

  2. inmation.setvalue() now rejects the so-called "ephemeral properties", i.e., properties that are really key-value pairs in the custom properties array in the corresponding object. Previously, it would accept and then silently fail to update them. That could result in unexpected behavior, notably for the code that relies on the failure to update.

While it is not expected that correctly written user code would take advantage of the previously erroneous behavior, it is nevertheless possible that issues with backward compatibility may arise. If you suspect that you are affected by these changes in the behavior, please contact Support.

the Lua code that may be executed through the Web API "Execute Function" and "Advanced" endpoints is also affected by these changes. However, any Lua code that the other Web API endpoints execute internally runs in a compatibility mode with respect to the first group of changes, and are not affected by these changes. Therefore, these Web API endpoints will still accept property-containing paths. This will be deprecated in a future version.
Compatibility of 1.64 with Visual KPI

For system:inmation v1.64, it is recommended to use version of Visual KPI.

system inmation v1.64 remains compatible with older versions of Visual KPI from onwards. However, due to known issues, Visual KPI 5.57 should not be used.

Fixed Issues in 1.64

TFS ID Title Area Date
11684 Core service stops due to the uninitialized model system:inmation 2020-03-30
11620 Weird state of Connectors under local Cores system:inmation 2020-05-06
11615 OPC UA Client does not resubscribe when the UA server is restarted system:inmation\Mainline\Services\inmation\UA Client 2020-03-19
11606 File Monitor - Pattern is applied on the whole directory name instead of the file name system:inmation 2020-03-09
11348 Console object operations - The class name is incorrect for 'IoTypePlcS7_300_400' class within the generated Lua script system:inmation 2020-01-29
11237 Refreshing the state table throws an error when the history transporter object is not selected during the refresh system:inmation 2020-02-11
11232 Cloud Sink Item does not display an error although the data cannot be transferred system:inmation 2020-02-06

Known Issues in 1.64

TFS ID Title Area Date
9677 Excel Addin - Actions pane is not shown when some other add-ins are enabled system:inmation 2019-07-12
9388 Excel add-in - There is no order in the object tree or in the search result system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2019-06-19
9383 Excel Addin - VBA Module popup appears every time a new worksheet is used system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2019-06-18
8642 Switch off the option of Set NaN in the Limit Settings compound system:inmation 2019-03-29
6511 ProcessValueLink property causes confusion system:inmation 2018-08-16
6296 The UA connection is functional despite 'Server Certificate Endpoint Host mismatch (creating session)' error system:inmation\Mainline\Services\inmation\UA Client 2018-08-02
6264 Changing the port of the Core is not working system:inmation 2018-08-01
11715 Core service silently deletes or ignores critical objects in the image system:inmation 2020-03-06
11635 HistoryTransporter GetAttributesEx crashes Connector system:inmation 2020-02-27
11572 MongoDB URI property is not functional system:inmation 2020-02-20
11474 findobjects() call is terribly slow on large systems system:inmation 2020-02-11
11427 Scheduler item - 'Start' setting is not functional with 'Yearly' recurrence pattern system:inmation 2020-02-05
11361 MongoDB Backup - The content of the source folder is not copied fully to the destination folder during the full backup system:inmation 2020-01-27
11288 It is possible to create multiple core and system objects with Lua mass system:inmation 2020-01-21
11251 inmation-Compose error handling for empty script files system:inmation 2020-01-17
11238 Web API authentication fails with a profile that has a backslash(\) in its password system:inmation 2020-01-16
10516 History Transporter gets stalled after returning an error state system:inmation 2019-10-14
10274 The parent item seems disabled in the tree even though the children items seem enabled system:inmation 2019-09-06
10213 Extension / Annotation prohibited configuration not honored in BRDS system:inmation 2019-09-03
10118 inmation Server doesn't resume event subscription after Core restart system:inmation\Mainline\Services\OPC Server 2019-08-20

UA Compliance Tests

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❌ Failed


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For more details see UA Compliance Tests page.