Release Notes for system:inmation 1.70

1.70.11 - November 3, 2020

Improved in 1.70.11

Store and Forward

A number of improvements and fixes have been made to the Store and Forward system to improve performance and reliability. This includes further improvements to the data transfer from Local Cores.

Batch Production Records and Production Tracking system

The Production Tracking system has been improved including a new simpler batch record format. Fixes have also been made to the Batch Tracker object and a new user friendly BPR JSON View is now available in the Calendar display.

1.70.7 - September 28, 2020

Improved in 1.70.7

Batch Production Tracking

Process production tracking events without requiring the existence of EventStream objects.

1.70.1 - September 17, 2020

Improved in 1.70.1

Batch Production Tracking

Fixed a batch tracker issue across core service restarts.

Store and Forward

Fixed several issues related to event transport on local cores.

1.70.0 - September 3, 2020

New in 1.70

syslib Interface

The built-in system:inmation Lua library that was formerly accessible from Lua scripts via the global variable inmation, is now accessible via the global variable syslib.

The legacy "inmation" variable has been retained for backward compatibility.

The legacy variable will be deprecated in a future version. We recommend that our customers start migrating their systems to the syslib interface and provide feedback to help us ensure a smooth transition in future.
We recommend that existing scripts should be examined for the presence of global or local variables named "syslib". If "syslib" causes compatibility issues, such as a clash with an identically named variable in an existing script, which are not readily resolvable by changing the script, please contact Support.
Security Perimeter

The new Security Perimeter Class offers a superior way to assign security contexts to any objects that execute Lua scripts. The legacy security context assignment to script-bearing object continues to work as before when Security Perimeters are not in use.

The legacy mode will be deprecated in a future version. We recommend that our customers start migrating their systems to the Security Perimeter mode and provide feedback to help us ensure a smooth transition in future.

Improved in 1.70

Batch Tracker and Production Tracking Store

General improvements.

New additions and improvements to the Batch Tracker
  • More detailed information within tracked batches, operations, phases and steps (this includes e.g. starttime and endtime).

  • Modified isa88 structure, where batches include uniprocedures, operations, equipment phases and equipment steps, with datasets referring to these elements.

  • Embedded trends can be assigned to batches, operation, phases and steps.

  • New output format for the WebAPI, with the query parameter "format=batchtree" results are transferred into a structural json resembling the data visible in the diagnostics section of the Batchtrackers faceplate.

Fixed Issues in 1.70

TFS ID Title Area Date
7217 DEEPCOPY function (esi-tool library) does not copy the table data of the table holder system:inmation 2020-10-23
12990 HTC cannot be initialized properly with an empty .ControllerStatus table system:inmation 2020-09-23
12900 History Sink Bypass mode is broken system:inmation 2020-08-11
12729 The data is not archived properly after disabling & enabling the custom time series data store system:inmation 2020-11-02
12435 UA Write does not work with a particular UA datasource below a particular connector system:inmation 2020-08-25
12403 Data loss for data from Connectors under Local Cores targeting Master Core data stores system:inmation 2020-08-18
11660 DataStudio - It is not possible to set the value of KPI Status property to null system:inmation\UserInterface 2020-09-03
11427 Scheduler item - 'Start' setting is not functional with 'Yearly' recurrence pattern system:inmation 2020-08-26

Known Issues in 1.70

TFS ID Title Area Date
9677 Excel Addin - Actions pane is not shown when some other add-ins are enabled system:inmation 2019-07-12
9388 Excel add-in - There is no order in the object tree or in the search result system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2019-06-19
9383 Excel Addin - VBA Module popup appears every time a new worksheet is used system:inmation\UserInterface\ExcelAddin 2019-06-18
8642 Switch off the option of Set NaN in the Limit Settings compound system:inmation 2019-03-29
8284 inmation.gettime() does not fully support documented formats system:inmation 2019-02-24
6511 ProcessValueLink property causes confusion system:inmation 2018-08-16
6296 The UA connection is functional despite 'Server Certificate Endpoint Host mismatch (creating session)' error system:inmation\Mainline\Services\inmation\UA Client 2018-08-02
6264 Changing the port of the Core is not working system:inmation 2018-08-01
13072 File Monitor cannot re-create _Monitor folder once it is deleted by the user system:inmation 2020-08-26
12997 getvalue() and Faceplate show an old value although the object has more recent values in history system:inmation 2020-08-18
12985 UA Client - URI Mismatch between ApplicationDescription and Certificate system:inmation\Mainline\Services\inmation\UA Client 2020-08-17
12505 The data holder object is corrupt when it is created below the connector by an action item with a triggering link system:inmation 2020-07-07
12393 History Transfer Controller is not producing data points at Expected Frequency while using an aggregate system:inmation 2020-06-19
12299 Master core version is unknows from local core version system:inmation 2020-06-03
12134 Memory ramp-up with simultaneous Lua script instances system:inmation 2020-05-06
12079 inmation Server spams Windows Event logs system:inmation 2020-04-28
11984 inmation.mass can INSERT but not REMOVE system object system:inmation 2020-04-15
11911 Histroy Transfer Controller - Reset Status checkbox stays enabled after clicking on Apply button system:inmation 2020-03-30
11715 Core service silently deletes or ignores critical objects in the image system:inmation 2020-03-06
11572 MongoDB URI property is not functional system:inmation 2020-02-20
11361 MongoDB Backup - The content of the source folder is not copied fully to the destination folder during the full backup system:inmation 2020-01-27
11288 It is possible to create multiple core and system objects with Lua mass system:inmation 2020-01-21
11251 inmation-Compose error handling for empty script files system:inmation 2020-01-17
11238 Web API authentication fails with a profile that has a backslash(\) in its password system:inmation 2020-01-16
10516 History Transporter gets stalled after returning an error state system:inmation 2019-10-14
10274 The parent item seems disabled in the tree even though the children items seem enabled system:inmation 2019-09-06
10213 Extension / Annotation prohibited configuration not honored in BRDS system:inmation 2019-09-03
10118 inmation Server doesn't resume event subscription after Core restart system:inmation\Mainline\Services\OPC Server 2019-08-20
10057 Image reset after v1.54.0 upgrade system:inmation\Setup 2019-08-12

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