Release Notes for system:inmation 1.84

1.84.3 - June 14, 2022

Improved in 1.84.3

Encrypted Communication - Memory Usage

The memory usage handling for encrypted TLS connections between components has been improved in this release. Fixes issue with Core and Web API memory consumption that could be observed in certain circumstances after update to 1.84.

OPC UA Server - Event Filters

When subscribing to event notifiers via UA servers, event filters containing "Not" and "OfType" operators in their where-clauses are now respected. Please see Upgrade Notes - 1.84 for details of how this could affect event subscription behaviour with external clients.

OPC UA Server - Stability

Fixed an issue that could cause instability in the Server component when the UA TCP Server object is modified.

1.84.2 - May 12, 2022

Improved in 1.84.2

OEE Aggregation Performance

Issues have been fixed with the OEE functionality that caused high processing loads in systems with medium to large ISA-95 Equipment Model namespaces (>10K nodes).

OEE WebStudio Integration

Issue fixed where updating OEE Stop Reasons from WebStudio would not trigger automatic aggregation recalculation as expected.

WebStudio - Stop Reason Translation Tables

Issue fixed where new rows added to WebStudio TPM-OEE translation table are not written to system back-end configuration. Also, improvements made to how invalid language codes in Stop Config tables are handled.

Connector - Local Core communication - Events

Issue fixed where in certain circumstances, events would not be sent from Connectors to Local Cores after multiple restarts of the Connector service.

WebStudio - ADFS Sign In

Improvements made to ADFS sign in using WebStudio. If security provider is specified in the URL then the Sign In dialog will recognize this automatically.

WebStudio - Floating Tabs

Improvement made to prevent problems when altering the configuration of an active Floating Tab in the work model.

1.84.1 - May 6, 2022

New in 1.84

1.84.1 has known issues with processing loads due to OEE aggregation performance on systems with medium to large ISA-95 Equipment Model namespaces (>10K nodes). In systems that have a substantial OEE/ISA-95 equipment model implementation, it is recommended to update to 1.84.2 upon release where these issues have been fixed.
Generic Event Buffer

The new Generic Event Buffer class is used to transport event data between components in the I/O Model without restriction (including Connector to Connector, Master Core to Local Core and others) with ensured delivery. The Generic Event Buffer can also be used to push event data to external message interfaces such as Kafka and MQTT.

Kafka Datasource

The new Kafka Datasource provides bidirectional read/write interface to Kafka servers. The Datasource can work as both a producer and consumer of event data, expanding the system’s ability to connect to Kafka platforms.

ISA-95 Equipment Model - Area Object Local Core Code execution

The S95 EM Area object in the ISA-95 Equipment Model can now be linked to a Local Core object through the Code execution property, enabling code execution to be split over multiple Local Cores per Site. Previously, only S95 EM Site objects could perform Code execution. Please see Upgrade Notes - 1.84 to see how this affects existing installations.

OEE - Custom Stop

The new OEE Stop Reason config object enables the user specify scheduled and unscheduled stop reasons for a piece of equipment, allowing scheduled stops to be excluded for OEE. Custom stop reasons that are specific to particular makes and models of equipment can also be configured.

OEE - Preset Configuration Class

New Preset Configuration class allows OEE classes in the ISA-95 Equipment Model to take the same configuration for certain properties, for example archiving strategies or limit values. Different preset configurations can be set for different S95 EM Site and S95 EM Area hierarchies in the model (and therefore for different Master Core/Local Core Custom Data Stores.

Disabled Saf Mode for Generic Buffers and Custom Stores

A new configurable property (Disabled SaF Mode) on Generic Buffers (Generic Time Series Buffer and Generic Event Buffer) and Custom Data Stores (Custom Time Series Data Store and Custom Event Store) allows the user to decide what happens to buffered Saf data when the buffer/data store object is disabled. The options are to "Discard" (default) or "Keep" the buffered data until the object is enabled again. Please see Upgrade Notes - 1.84 for details of how this effects existing data store/buffer objects that are updated to 1.84.

Lua - esi-examples library

A new esi-examples Lua library has been developed to create fully configured objects for feature simulations from a few lines of Lua code. Please see the Ready-to-go Examples in the DataStudio documentation for more information.

WebStudio - New in 1.84
  • Widget Drag and Drop support - WebStudio now contains drag and drop functionality for widgets in compilations.

  • Button Widget: The new Button widget is used to trigger an action pipeline when clicked, for example to open a link defined in the widget model.

  • Tabs Widget: Added onActiveTabChanged action pipeline to perform custom logic when active tab of a Tabs widget changes.

  • Table Widget: Define general header style in table options.

  • OEE Action support: Support to read OEE monitoring tables and return information for editing/selection in WebStudio, such as inputting Stop Reasons.

  • Chart Widget: Support for relative time x-axis.

Improved in 1.84

OPC UA Server Events Support

The system OPC UA Server now provides limited support for OPC UA Events. Events forwarded from external sources and events created by inmation components directly can be subscribed to by clients as events of type "ForwardedEventType". Custom Event Type Property objects can be created to map to entries in the Event Document Schema. Please see the Upgrade Notes - 1.84 for details about how the changes could affect existing installations.

OPC UA Server - Subscription Performance

The subscription performance of the OPC UA Server has been improved considerably, increasing the number of items that can be monitored. Also, the new Continuation Point Retention Time property allows the Server to clean up inactive continuation points after clients have disconnected, improving memory usage performance.

OPC UA Client - Method Call support

Initial support for OPC UA method calls in the UA client with new Lua API uamethodcall() implementation.

Secure by default installation

The installation of the Server and Relay components defaults to TLS-SRP encryption security mode for communication to the Core.

The installation of active components (Connectors, Relays and Servers) with TLS-SRP security mode enabled requires extra configuration to create the representative objects in the I/O Model (previously, active component objects with no security mode would connect to the Core and appear automatically). Please see the Server and Connector configuration docs for more information.
Archive Selector - Event Objects

The Archive Selector property has been added to the Event Stream objects (Event Stream, Internal Event Stream and Script Events, Redundant Event Stream). Event Data Store archives and Data Store Sets can now be selected for historization of event data. Please see the Upgrade Notes - 1.84 for details of how this effects existing Event objects that are updated to 1.84.

Audit Trail - DataStore Purge

Audit Trail can now be configured to add entries when the system automatically purges data from any System or Custom data store. There has also been a change in how the Audit Trail properties are arranged, please see the Upgrade Notes - 1.84 for more details.

Health Monitor

Introduction of MongoDB replicasets monitoring to the Health Monitor.

Component Class Versions - Object User State

Improvements have been made to the way the system manages Backwards Compatibility and components/objects with different class versions. A new User State Flag has been introduced to indicate objects with mismatched class versions. Please see the Upgrade Notes - 1.84 for advice on managing component upgrades.

WebStudio - Improved in 1.84
  • Tabs Widget: Modify initial model of nested widgets. Also added support for the tabBar style in options.

  • Chart Widget: Visualize multiple different root objects in the model panel and simplified axis and pen deletion in the widget.

  • Modify Action: Optimisation made, so the refresh of target widget after Modify action is only performed if model is changed. Table Widget: Improved handling of null and undefined value handling in Table filter and rules, this fixes issue with table filter where the "none" option did not function correctly. Rules can now also reference fields that are in the data but not in the schema. Columns of type text use a TextArea edit control to more easily handle multi-line text. Support for equals, notEquals, startsWith, endsWidth and contains on text filter.

  • Chart Widget: Simplification of axis and pen deletion. Fixed issue with cursor inspector panel where the pen indicator for cursors might disappear when switching between time ranges. "Invalid" can no longer be selected as the aggregate type for a pen in the chart widget.

  • Advanced Form Widget: Blue border added around the input field being focused on.

  • Form Widget: Improvements made to DateTime picker that, issue that could cause Widget to go into an error state.

Upgrade Notes - 1.84

OPC UA Server - Event Filters

The improvements to the handling of event filters can change the previous behaviour when subscribing to event notifiers using external clients. For example, warnings that could potentially be issued by UaExpert when subscription to ModelChangeEvents is enabled, will no longer be triggered.

OPC UA Server - Event Support

There are changes to the Server object from its behaviour in versions <1.84, due to the improvements to the OPC UA Server event support functionality. After installation/upgrade a hierarchy of objects with the following path "<SERVER_PATH>/Types/EventTypes/ForwardedEventType" is created in the Server Model to represent the new EventType. Also, event objects are exposed as nodes when connecting to the UA Server with an external UA client. In versions <1.84 they were exposed as variables.

OEE - MongoDB Version

The OEE functionality requires Mongo version 4.4 or above to be fully functional. Updating your system does not automatically update the existing MongoDB version so it must be upgraded manually. Please see the upgrade note below for more details on how to do this.

Disabled Saf Mode

Custom Time Series/Event Data Stores or Generic Buffers created in versions <1.84 which are subsequently updated to 1.84 or above will have the Disabled SaF Mode set to "Keep" after update. In versions <1.84, the behaviour of disabled Custom Data Stores/Generic Buffers matched the "Keep" setting so the update will maintain consistency. Please change the property to "Discard" after update if you wish change the setting to the default behaviour for the newly created objects in 1.84.

Archive Selector - Event Objects

Event Stream objects (Event Stream, Internal Event Stream and Script Events, Redundant Event Stream) created in versions <1.84 with Event historization selected will be updated to 1.84 with the Archive Selector property configured to "All Event Stores", which sends the event to all event stores on the master core. If an Event Object is on a local core then all event stores on this local core also receive these events. This is in accordance with the previous behavior where filtering was only possible with the Filter Options on a Custom Event Store. As long as there is at least one Event Object that still has this option enabled, you should use the Filter Options on all Custom Event Stores to make sure they only receive the desired events.

Audit Trail - Property Changes

From 1.84 onwards, the Audit Trail properties ObjectAuditTrailStrategy and ComponentAuditTrailStrategy no longer exist but have been carried over into the AuditTrailStrategy.

Code Execution - S95 EM Area objects

In existing installations, if a Local Core is already assigned to the parent S95 EM Site objects, the Code Execution property for this S95 EM Area object can not be configured.

Code Execution Component Property

The Code Execution Component property is not configurable in DataStudio for KPI Model Site, S95 EM Site and S95 EM Area objects created in 1.78 or earlier. Please contact the support team for more information on configuring this property in your existing system.

Upgrade to Stateful Relay Objects

When upgrading a system older than 1.82 containing Relay objects, there are certain existing configuration types that might need to be checked in order to upgrade in a controlled manner without problems. contact the support team before upgrading an existing installation to 1.84.

Components - Encrypted Connections Only property

The Encrypted Connections Only property on the Root object should only be activated once the Security Mode for all connected components has been configured to use Secure Communication (for example, TLS_SRP). If not, they could be locked out, without the possibility to remotely reconfigure for secure communication.

Web API Encryption - Encrypted Connections Only property

From 1.82, the Web API - Core communication has encryption enabled by default. If the Encrypted Connections Only property (introduced in 1.82) is activated, older Web API versions (<1.82) will not be able to communicate with the Core. It is recommended to update the old Web API service and reinstall with the default encryption enabled. Additionally, a Web API 1.82 or higher installed with default encryption will be unable to communicate with Core service versions <1.82. Please visit the Web API installation section for more installation options.

Web API - Authentication

From 1.80 onwards, a new installation of the system requires that a non-default authentication profile and password be specified for Web API communication to the Core. If using an older Web API version (that is not updated together with a Core on the same host) to communicate with a newly installed 1.80 or above Core service, the Web API might not be able to communicate using the default profile. It is recommended to update the old Web API service and reinstall using the new authentication profile and password.

Security Improvements

Introduced in 1.80, the password policy related to Profile objects and component communication passphrases will still be compatible with existing passwords on existing deployments. However, it may have an effect on custom deployment scripts. If those scripts automatically change such password/passphrase properties, they might fail due to violating the new policies.

MongoDB version 4.4.10

From 1.78.3, AspenTech Inmation is shipped with MongoDB version 4.4.10 (previously 4.4.8 with 1.78.2 and 4.0.2 in older versions). If using the Windows installer, the existing installation of MongoDB will not be upgraded automatically. To perform the upgrade manually, please visit the MongoDB upgrade instructions for Standalone, Replica Sets or Sharded Clusters depending on your own installation.

Continued usage of older component versions with new Core

The system allows the user to control component updates and configure how these component updates are verified when the Core service itself is updated. The system also provides a level of Backwards Compatibility and defined user states for objects with mismatched class versions. However, it is not recommended to leave Core/component versions unaligned for extended periods of time as this can potentially lead to communication issues between the components. Maintaining objects under components with different class versions to the Core could also lead to unexpected behavior. PLease see the documentation for more information.

Interoperability of 1.72 and older Components - Store and Forward (SaF)

Connectors and Local Cores with versions <1.74 will be unable to forward historical data or events to parent Cores versions 1.74 or newer. This affects only the systems where said components are configured for the manual-permissive software update mode. The data will be stored locally at the outdated component (within the configured storage limits) until the component is updated, then the previously stored data will be forwarded normally.

Compatibility Notes - 1.84

Deprecation of the SCI::

With 1.82, the Simple Call Interface (SCI) API has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Users are advised to use WebAPI’s REST API directly or any of our other API clients.

Deprecation of the OPC DA XML data source::

With 1.82, the OPC DA XML data source has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

OPC Classic Event Handling

The previous way of returning classic OPC COM events in getvalue as a flat list of key/value pairs (version 1.76 and older) is deprecated. The defaults switch introduced in 1.78 is now the default.

Administrative Group Property

In 1.76, the AdministrativeGroup Property of the Profile class changed from a boolean datatype to integer with codings available in the AdministrativeGroup Coding Group. This is only an issue if upgrading from versions older than 1.76.

Password Policies

The Password Property of the Profiles class can now be null. Existing Lua scripts that use getvalue with this property need to be able to handle the case that the returned value can be nil. A login with a profile with a null password is not possible.

Deprecation of os.setlocale function

The Lua os.setlocale library function was deprecated in 1.76. Although the function will still work in this release, it will be replaced or removed in a future release.

Compatibility of 1.84 with Visual KPI

system:inmation v1.84 is compatible with Visual KPI versions and greater, with the exception of 5.57. system:inmation v1.84 has been tested with Visual KPI version Also visit the Transpara Release Notes for detailed interoperability information.

Supported Operating Systems and other Applications in 1.84

Please see the System Requirements section of the documentation for more information and recommendations regarding installation environments.

Component Supported Operating Systems

Core Service (64bit)

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2008 SP2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7 Prof. SP2 (64-bit)

Windows Vista SP2 (64-bit)

Web API Service (64bit)

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Connector, Relay, Server Service (64bit)

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2008 SP2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7 Prof. SP2 (64-bit)

Windows Vista SP2 (64-bit)

Connector, Relay, Server Service (32bit)

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2008 SP2

Windows Server 2003 SP2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7 Prof. SP2 (64-bit)

Windows 7 Prof. SP1 (64-bit)

Windows 7 Prof. (32-bit)

Windows XP SP1 (32-bit)

MongoDB 4.4.10

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows 11

Windows 10


Windows OS must support .NET 4.6.2

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows Server 2008 SP2

Windows Server 2003 SP2

Windows 11

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7 Prof. SP2 (64-bit)

Windows 7 Prof. SP1 (64-bit)

Windows 7 Prof. (32-bit)

Visual KPI

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012 R2

Windows 11

Windows 10


Google Chrome > 88.0

Microsoft Edge (Chromium version) > 88.0

Microsoft Edge (old version) 44.0

Apple Safari (macOS) > 14.0

Apple Safari (iPadOS experimental) > 14.0

Mozilla Firefox > 86.0

Fixed Issues in 1.84

TFS ID Title Area Date
21006 Component initialization takes too long in slow networks system:inmation\Services 2022-06-14
20950 TLS encrypted client connections cause memory increase system:inmation\Services 2022-06-14
20937 AlarmGenerator crashes when there is no quality of an IO-Item system:inmation\Services 2022-06-14
20764 Events are not sent from connectors to local cores system:inmation\Services 2022-05-13
20571 PackageManagement creates un-needed periodic property writes system:inmation 2022-05-20
20540 Adding the object to Mass Config via context menu adds the children objects to the sheet instead of the object itself system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-04-27
20514 Master - Local-Core communication slow / not working (also applies to Connectors) system:inmation 2022-05-06
20513 Automatic Active Relay update doesn't work system:inmation 2022-05-02
20294 It's possible to cause path collision what makes impossible to start component afterwards. system:inmation\Services 2022-04-28
20278 WebStudio - Form: DateTime picker relative default date issue system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-04-25
20212 Action items triggered by event streams can lead to deadlocks system:inmation\Services 2022-03-30
20211 When an invalid continuation point is passed to UA HistoryRead call to release the continuation point, 'Good' status is returned system:inmation\Services 2022-03-30
20181 Server service does not release the memory system:inmation\Services 2022-03-30
20132 Subscriptions to the UA Server don't work well when there are a lot of monitored items system:inmation 2022-03-31
20117 MSI: Script Mapping, Function Mapping: How to find self within a Message Configuration object system:inmation\Services 2022-03-23
20054 DataStudio - Unnamed references are erased when using MassConfig system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-04-27
20014 BT: excessive number of unspecific warnings during normal operation system:inmation 2022-03-31
19983 WebStudio - Table: Column filter can not handle empty and undefined field values system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-03-28
19800 PI Interface Suppress Snapshot causes point losses system:inmation 2022-03-04
19725 ServiceLevel value of inmation OPC UA server is always zero system:inmation\Services 2022-02-23
19716 MassConfig Sheet Archive Selector Column is displaying numerical ID and not Name when the Object name contains a "/" system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-04-27
19647 ht-status reporting fails with 'invalid use of '%' in replacement string' system:inmation 2022-03-07
19601 OpcUa_BadInvalidArgument error in inmation.log system:inmation\Services 2022-02-23
19200 AuditTrail: Periodic external writes created by Local-Core system:inmation 2022-05-06
18734 OPC UA Subscription does not work for Item IDs with opaque identifier type system:inmation\Services 2022-02-23
16855 Cloud sink [Kafka] message duplication when connection to server is restored system:inmation 2022-06-14
15118 Problems in image loading with escaped object names / paths system:inmation\Services 2022-06-07
13413 Local and Master Core may have different object versions system:inmation\Services 2022-03-30

Known Issues in 1.84

TFS ID Title Area Date
9345 Web API - Authentication; ’sub’ claim in token not always the same for same Active Directory user. system:inmation\Web API 2019-06-14
6511 ProcessValueLink property causes confusion system:inmation 2018-08-16
6296 The UA connection is functional despite 'Server Certificate Endpoint Host mismatch (creating session)' error system:inmation\Services 2018-08-02
6264 Changing the port of the Core is not working system:inmation 2018-08-01
20700 Performance counter leads to Software Error: IndexOutOfRangeException system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-05-05
20552 Port Switching anomaly for Local Cores (upgraded or modified "Server Port" property value) system:inmation 2022-04-26
20526 Excel Template - Timestamp column in the result has no header when querying the history of multiple items system:inmation 2022-04-26
20420 Custom attributes of script events are always set in lowercase system:inmation 2022-04-19
20402 Datastudio - Max Records setting of individual event view display is always overwritten by General Settings - Max Records system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-04-14
20343 VQT data is missing in the datasource connected to inmation UA server. system:inmation\Services 2022-04-07
20189 Updating the Object description of a Datasource triggers Browse Once of that Datasource system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-03-22
19994 PIBridge uninstallation via. Package Management doesn't work when uninstalling PIBridge services that were upgraded from a previous version system:inmation\Setup 2022-03-02
19978 Identical VQT data is processed by SaF (and e.g. forwarded to the GTSB) system:inmation\Services 2022-03-01
19460 Error when trying to save a Chart over a pre-existing chart with the same name. system:inmation\WebStudio 2022-01-28
19408 Data Studio - Table Holder - Long integers in JSON content are shown as NumberLong() system:inmation\DataStudio 2022-01-26
19377 OPC DA Datasource - Running the connector under a specific account is not sufficient to establish a remote connection system:inmation\Services 2022-01-25
19189 Renaming the parent connector object breaks ODBC datasource system:inmation\Services 2022-01-13
19103 Filegrid widget documentation checking system:inmation\Documentation 2022-01-03
19056 Server object unable to connect after image removal system:inmation\Services 2021-12-21
18819 It is not possible to connect to Web API service if a very long access token lifetime is set system:inmation\Web API 2021-12-07
18784 External Writes not in Audit Trail system:inmation 2021-12-03
18714 Scheduler Item breaks after modifying it during Edge Duration system:inmation\Services 2021-11-30
18553 Strange status behavior with server model objects system:inmation\Services 2021-11-22
18375 msgqueue - address in use system:inmation\Services 2021-11-05
18340 Documentation of CustomTimeRetention property is incorrect/misleading system:inmation\Documentation 2021-11-04
18338 ModObjectState no longer documented after v1.70 system:inmation\Documentation 2021-11-04
18175 AdvancedLuaScript Property - example leads to misunderstanding system:inmation\Documentation 2021-10-19
17953 Custom Event Types being a child of another Custom Event Type is not handled in inmation UA A+C client system:inmation 2021-09-24
17766 IO-Node UA node-data properties are not read when object is created manually (without browsing). system:inmation 2021-09-06
17728 WebAPI - allocation timeout creates error 500 system:inmation\Web API 2021-09-01
17433 WebStudio Form Date input field doesn't send the date in the current format after it's been changed system:inmation\WebStudio 2021-08-05
16941 No data in the real time trend after changing Marker startup type option system:inmation\DataStudio 2021-07-19
16886 Code Deletion by two times pushing F9 system:inmation\DataStudio 2021-07-12
16393 MongoDB index creation failure for one collection marks the whole connection pool as being bad system:inmation 2021-06-16
15516 UA Datasource cannot browse a particular OPC UA server system:inmation 2021-04-30
15499 DataStudio - Sorting of numeric values in tables/grid displays in alphabetic order system:inmation 2021-04-29
15460 gethistory() returns null values when querying historical data for objects with a reference to the same Process Value system:inmation\Services 2021-04-27
15222 Password protected UA certificates can't be used system:inmation 2021-04-07
15203 Events Received perf. counter of Custom Event Data Store object causes confusion system:inmation 2021-04-01
15076 syslib.execute() times out when the executed Lua chunk returns a function system:inmation 2021-03-18
14432 Inherited location option is not functioning system:inmation 2021-01-21
14016 Web API - ReadHistoricalData endpoint returns 0 instead of NoValue with TimeAverage and TimeAverage2 aggregates system:inmation 2020-11-27
13925 The MONGODB function(inmation.Backup library) returns "0:nil" after the successful operation system:inmation 2020-11-19
13574 Unable to keep report group header together with details system:inmation\DataStudio 2020-10-15
13525 Handling of KPI Tables without STARTTIME&ENDTIME arguments creates error system:inmation 2020-10-12
13228 Scroll speed change on Windows OS is not applied in DataStudio system:inmation\DataStudio 2020-09-10
12985 UA Client - URI Mismatch between ApplicationDescription and Certificate system:inmation\Services 2020-08-17
12505 The data holder object is corrupt when it is created below the connector by an action item with a triggering link system:inmation 2020-07-07
12453 historicaldataattime does not work for datatype string for VKPI widgets system:inmation\Web API 2020-06-29
12393 History Transfer Controller is not producing data points at Expected Frequency while using an aggregate system:inmation 2020-06-19
12299 Master core version is unknown from local core version system:inmation 2020-06-03
12079 inmation Server spams Windows Event logs system:inmation 2020-04-28
11984 inmation.mass can INSERT but not REMOVE system object system:inmation 2020-04-15
11715 Core service silently deletes or ignores critical objects in the image system:inmation 2020-03-06
11361 MongoDB Backup - The content of the source folder is not copied fully to the destination folder during the full backup system:inmation 2020-01-27
11288 It is possible to create multiple core and system objects with Lua mass system:inmation 2020-01-21
11238 Web API authentication fails with a profile that has a backslash(\) in its password system:inmation 2020-01-16
10590 Configurations of MongoDB replica set are not passed to the Core system:inmation\Services 2019-10-18

UA Compliance Tests

Total Tests 831

✅ Passed


❌ Failed


Pass Percentage


For more details see UA Compliance Tests page.