Welcome to the Release Notes!

We recommend to always install the latest and most stable version of AspenTech Inmation!

Product versions <18 months old are actively supported in terms of providing revision/patch releases for critical bug fixes. First line product support is provided for all customers and all versions but might require customers to update to a version within the aforementioned time-frame to resolve issues.

AspenTech Inmation Version Numbers

Major Release

New major releases include a significant set of new features.

Minor Release Number

New minor releases include new features and bug fixes. Minor releases are branched off from development builds and retain the build number. Even numbered minor releases indicates public release, odd numbered minor releases numbers are builds for development in-between public releases.

Revision Release Number

Revision releases are made to fix bugs and issues with public releases. Specific bug fixes are merged from main development builds into the public release branch.

Build Number

During development, changes to the software by development team/individual developers are assigned a build number that increases incrementally with each set of changes.

Version Numbers