Welcome to WebStudio Docs

  • WebStudio is the main Web Application for AspenTech Inmation, which can be used to compile interactive dashboards to visualize the data from your system in a web browser

  • With an assortment of dynamic widgets and tools, WebStudio offers a variety of ways to view your data on custom dashboards

  • WebStudio uses the Web API to retrieve data from the system and allows access to your data from anywhere with an internet connection

  • In addition to providing access to built-in compilations, the Webstudio index page can be used to load user-defined compilations from the connected system.

WebStudio - Example Compilation
Figure 1. WebStudio - Example Compilation

The WebStudio documentation is split into two sections: user documentation and reference documentation. The user documentation is designed to help users to get started with WebStudio. The reference documentation provides technical reference material for the tools and widgets that WebStudio has to offer.